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Project Detail

RG-L1019 : Regional Sugar and Bio-Energy Program

Project Description

The Program aims to: i) increase the availability of trade finance lines to the sugar and ethanol producers in the region which would help address the issue of the current liquidity shortage and the immediate demand for trade financing in the region; ii) provide medium term financing to increase the efficiency and productivity of sugarcane producers, sugar mills, ethanol distilleries and other producers of bio-fuels, which is currently not readily available from commercial banks; and iii) promote energy efficiency in the region by providing medium term financing to sugar mills for capital expenditures on features such as co-generation and drip irrigation. This Regional Program has been designed by the IDB to diversify its support for the target regions in need of financing such as i) the Northeast region of Brazil in which the population is heavily dependent on the sugar industry, ii) C&D countries such as Central American countries that are in need of trade finance and upgrades for sugar mills, and iii) Mexico in which the sugar mills can increase their operational production efficiency and competitiveness significantly. The Sustainable Energy and Climate Initiative ("SECCI") will provide support for feasibility studies for the co-generation investments in the Northeast region of Brazil, and will provide support for regional expansion into C&D countries through providing technical assistance (TA) for necessary feasibility studies for the bio-energy industry. The Environmental and Social Management System to be used by LACFIN Program will incorporate the Bio-fuels Sustainability Scorecard.

Procurement Information

News Release: Jan 16, 2009 - IDB backs $150 million Regional Financing Facility for Sugar and Bioenergy

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Project Status
IDB Financing*
Environmental and Social Impact Category

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RG-L1019 : Regional Sugar and Bio-Energy Program

Basic Information

Project Number: RG-L1019

Operation Number


Project Status


Approval Date


Contract Signature Date

  2115A/OC-RG   Cancelled   JAN 14, 2009   Not available
  2115B/OC-RG   Cancelled   JAN 14, 2009   Not available
Country Regional
Subsector ENERGY
Project Type Loan Operation
Project Subtype Private Sector Investment
Environmental and Social Impact Category Uncategorized

RG-L1019 : Regional Sugar and Bio-Energy Program

Financial Information Summary

Total Cost - Historic USD 150,000,000
Country Counterpart Financing - Historic USD 25,000,000

IDB Financing

   Reporting currency(ies) USD - United States Dollar
   Estimated Cofinancing(s) USD 75,000,000

RG-L1019 : Regional Sugar and Bio-Energy Program

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RG-L1019 : Regional Sugar and Bio-Energy Program

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