PN-T1196 : Intership Program for Government officials and indigenous representatives of Panama to exchange experiences with Chile on territorial economic development and financial inclusion of indigenous people

Project Status

The objective is to facilitate knowledge exchange to identify good practices, lessons learned, and input in order to define a strategy aimed at developing the economic pillar of the National Development Plan for Indigenous peoples of Panama. The specific objectives are: - Increase knowledge on territorial economic development and financial inclusion policies for indigenous peoples in the Region and in Chile, specifically those executed by CORFO (CH-L1105 Programa de Desarrollo y Fomento Indígena). - Identify lessons learned and collect inputs from the dialogue and interactive exchange between productive and financial entities of Chile and Panama, specifically those focused on indigenous peoples in Chile (CORFO and regulatory entity (Comité interinstitucional del Programa de Desarrollo y Fomento Indígena) for the financial inclusion of indigenous peoples. - Know the Chilean experience regarding the political, regulatory, statistical, technological, and administrative framework to contribute in the design and implementation of a public policy in territorial economic development and financial inclusion for indigenous peoples of Panama.


Project Number PN-T1196
Country Panama
Sector OTHER
Subsector OTHER
Project Type Technical Cooperation
Project Status Preparation


Financial Information

Estimated Total Cost H USD 20,000
Estimated IDB Financing
Financing Type Nonreimbursable
Reporting currency USD - United States Dollars
Amount 20,000
Key Value
H Historical
R Revalued

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