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Project Detail

NI-L1052 : Support to the Transportation Sector II Program

Project Description

The Program's objective is to improve the eficiency of the road transport system in Nicaragua, to stimulate the economic activity and increase the welfare of the population in order to facilitate the conectivity within the country and the Central America region.

Procurement Information

News Release: Nov 15, 2012 - Nicaragua to improve its transport system with IDB loan

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Project Number
Project Status
IDB Financing*

Project Status

Project Status

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* For active and closed projects, the IDB financing at Board approval is shown in US$ millions. This does not reflect any cancellations. For projects in Preparation the amount shown is the Estimated IDB Financing. Approved projects shows either Estimated IDB Financing or Historic Approved amount. The IDB financing for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.

NI-L1052 : Support to the Transportation Sector II Program

Basic Information

Project Number NI-L1052
Operation Number 2840/BL-NI
Country Nicaragua
Project Type Loan Operation
Project Subtype Global of Multiple Works Operation
Project Status Implementation
Approval Date NOV 14, 2012
Contract Signature Date FEB 8, 2013

NI-L1052 : Support to the Transportation Sector II Program

Financial Information

Total Cost - Historic USD 40,518,000
Country Counterpart Financing - Historic USD 1,318,000

IDB Financing

   Financing Type Loan
   Fund BLD
   Reporting currency USD - United States Dollar
   Reporting Date JUL 31, 2014
   Estimated Cofinancing - Historic USD 39,200,000
   Cancelled Amount - Historic USD 0
   Undisbursed Amount - Historic USD 20,240,000
   Disbursed to Date - Revalued USD 18,960,000
   Repayments - Revalued USD 0
   Principal Debt Relief Amount - Revalued USD 0
   Amount Outstanding - Revalued USD 18,960,000
   Income Collected - Revalued USD 76,729

Roles & Responsibilities

Borrower Republica De Nicaragua

NI-L1052 : Support to the Transportation Sector II Program

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NI-L1052 : Support to the Transportation Sector II Program

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