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Project Detail

HO-X1019 : Indigenous Peoples and Afro-honduran, and Climate Change

Project Description

The project will include the following components:Component 1: Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (US$1,957,000) will finance approximately 26 small projects up to US$100,000. The benefitted communities will be selected from a list of 32 vulnerable municipalities. The projects will be selected based on a list of projects which focus on climate change and adaptation and mitigation measures, which have been identified by the communities themselves. The measures to be financed respond to the sectors prioritized by the National Climate Change Strategy for Honduras (ENCCH), such as: water resources; agriculture, soils and food security; forests and biodiversity; coastal and marine areas; human health; risk management system; and renewable energy. Projects will be prioritized based on the Methodology for the Implementation of the DIPA Community Projects Program.Component 2: Strengthening human capital to address climate change and systematization of good practices (US$1,586,128). This component will (i) finance technical assistance to develop and carry out workshops on adaptation and mitigation to climate change for 200 leaders from 40 communities which have been selected to carry out this type of workshops; and (ii) train 900 Secondary School 3rd grade students through the SAT Program, which will be implemented by the Asociación Bayán. The budget for this component will also finance practical work on adaptation and mitigation to climate change, and systematization and dissemination of good practices for the indigenous peoples and afro-honduran adaptation to climate change.

Procurement Information

News Release: Oct 12, 2012 - IDB to help indigenous and Afro-Honduran communities cope with climate change

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IDB Financing*

Project Status

Project Status

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* For active and closed projects, the IDB financing at Board approval is shown in US$ millions. This does not reflect any cancellations. For projects in Preparation the amount shown is the Estimated IDB Financing. Approved projects shows either Estimated IDB Financing or Historic Approved amount. The IDB financing for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.

HO-X1019 : Indigenous Peoples and Afro-honduran, and Climate Change

Basic Information

Project Number HO-X1019
Operation Number ATN/NV-13535-HO
Country Honduras
Project Type Special Operation
Project Subtype Grant Co-financing contributions (PSG)
Project Status Implementation
Approval Date OCT 2, 2012
Contract Signature Date FEB 28, 2013

HO-X1019 : Indigenous Peoples and Afro-honduran, and Climate Change

Financial Information

Total Cost - Historic USD 4,535,382

IDB Financing

   Financing Type Non-Reimbursable Technical Cooperation
   Fund NDV
   Reporting currency USD - United States Dollar
   Reporting Date JUL 31, 2014
   Estimated Cofinancing - Historic USD 4,535,382
   Cancelled Amount - Historic USD 0
   Undisbursed Amount - Historic USD 4,117,210
   Disbursed to Date - Revalued USD 418,172

HO-X1019 : Indigenous Peoples and Afro-honduran, and Climate Change

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HO-X1019 : Indigenous Peoples and Afro-honduran, and Climate Change

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