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The following are IDB-financed sovereign guaranteed and technical assistance operations contracts. A firm's legal standing is defined by the place of registration. IDB defines eligibility or nationality of a company bidding for the contracts they finance in terms of the place of registration. Today, most multinational corporations register or incorporate in more than one country, thus appearing in statistics as nationally-registered or local firms.
This information is provided by borrowers or beneficiaries for procurement processes under ex-ante review and is registered using the following criteria:
  • All contracts for public works, goods and services related to an International Competitive Bidding process or contracts amounting to US$25,000 or more.
  • All consulting contracts, whether they be for consulting firms or individuals and irrespective of the amount.
SUMMARY BORROWING COUNTRY Activity/Service Contract Ref Contract Date
Operation Number 2525/OC-ES Awarded Consultant BATISTA,SINOEL
Contract Amount 49,438 Awarded Country, City BRAZIL, BRASIL
Consultant Type Individual Contract End Date 17/Aug/2012
Borrowing Country Total Amount Total% Contracts
EL SALVADOR 49,438 100.00 1
Total 49,438 100% 1
Awarded Country Total Amount Total% Contracts
BRAZIL 49,438 100.00 1
Total 49,438 100% 1

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