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Colombia Subnational fiscal management in Colombia CO-T1260 0.12 Oct 25, 2011
Colombia Local Government Financial Information CO0226 6.00 Nov 12, 1997
Colombia Assessment Framework Financial Contracts TC9705370 0.04 May 29, 1997
Colombia Institutional Development Territorial Entities CO0155 40.00 Dec 4, 1996
Costa Rica Natural Disaster Risk Financial Management: Knowledge Exchange CR-T1114 0.02 Nov 22, 2013
Dominican Republic Insurance Facility for Emergencies Caused by Catastrophic Natural Disasters DR-L1045 24.00 May 18, 2011
Dominican Republic Support to Tax and Customs Administration TC0201066 0.34 Nov 14, 2002
Dominican Republic Strengthening of the Secretaría de Estado de Finanzas TC0206026 0.15 Sep 4, 2002
Ecuador Public Debt and Fiscal Risk Management Strategy EC-T1301 0.35 Sep 17, 2014
Ecuador Public Debt and Fiscal Risk Management Strategy EC-T1304 0.15 Sep 17, 2014
Ecuador Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency TC0111025 0.01 Nov 19, 2001
Ecuador Accuracy for Social Vouchers TC9811035 0.15 Nov 24, 1998
Ecuador Environmental Aspects of Pdm II TC9804403 0.11 May 13, 1998
Ecuador Loan TC Taxation System Modernization EC0175 15.80 Nov 25, 1997
Ecuador PPF:EC0175 Taxation System Modernization EC0178 0.60 Jul 8, 1997
Ecuador Assessment Framework Financial Contracts TC9705403 0.04 May 29, 1997
Ecuador Tax Administration System TC9609499 0.15 Apr 21, 1997
El Salvador Support the Implementation of the Vice-Ministry of Revenue ES-T1169 0.20 Nov 9, 2011
El Salvador Local Economic Development and Municipal Financial Sustainability TC0112032 0.30 Dec 18, 2002
El Salvador Customs Modernization Program TC0012037 0.25 Jun 4, 2002

* For active and closed projects, the IDB financing at Board approval is shown in US$ millions. This does not reflect any cancellations. For projects in Preparation the amount shown is the Estimated IDB Financing. Approved projects shows either Estimated IDB Financing or Historic Approved amount. The IDB financing for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparation.

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