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Documents available for projects approved since 1995, when the Information Disclosure Policy took effect.

List of Documents

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Title Type Project Number Date Published
POD EER 6. Plan de Adquisiciones.xlsx Procurement Plan EC-L1223 Oct 12, 2017
AAS_Resumen Ejecutivo_FINAL_v3.pdf Environmental and Social Analyses PR-L1145 Oct 12, 2017
Anexo 5- Plan de Consultas Mejoramiento Ruta 9_FINAL v3.pdf Environmental and Social Strategies PR-L1145 Oct 12, 2017
Design and Preparation of Sustainable Development Plan for the Caracol Region - BL-T1088.pdf Approved TC document BL-T1088 Oct 11, 2017
MÉXICO. Documento de Cooperación Técnica y Anexos Post QRR. Publicado.pdf Approved TC document ME-T1354 Oct 11, 2017
Flying Labs el Poder de la Robotica al Servicio de la Innovacion Social.pdf Approved TC document PN-T1185 Oct 11, 2017
Suriname. Employment in the Creative Industries.pdf Approved TC document SU-T1095 Oct 11, 2017
Panama_MIF_Pitch_-_FINAL_pdf.pdf TC Abstract PN-T1185 Oct 11, 2017
Pluriannual Execution Plan (PEP) and Annual Operational Plan (AOP).xlsx Loan Proposal JA-G1003 Oct 11, 2017
BR-T1310-PA- Fundo Clima 06.10.2017.pdf Procurement Plan BR-T1310 Oct 11, 2017

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