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Documents available for projects approved since 1995, when the Information Disclosure Policy took effect.

List of Documents

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Title Type Project Number Date Published
Contract - Adaptation Program and Financing Mechanism for the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) Jamaica Loan Contract 3381/SX-JA;JA-L1048 Feb 4, 2025
Plan de adquisiciones: Mayor Acceso al Crédito para inicaitivas productivas rural3es en la zona oriental Plan de Adquisiciones ATN/ME-15080-ES;ES-M1055 Oct 31, 2018
Convenio - Evaluando la Biodiversidad y Servicios Ecosistémicos del Bosque Seco Tropical Convenio de Cooperación Técnica ATN/BD-15408-CO;CO-T1395 Apr 16, 2018
Plan de adquisiciones: Caminos de la juventud Plan de Adquisiciones ATN/ME-14732-ES;ES-M1049 Dec 31, 2017
Plan de Adquisiciones: Mejora del acceso a mercados globales y al financiemiento para los pequeños apicultores Plan de Adquisiciones ATN/ME-15243-RG;RG-M1287 Dec 31, 2017
Plano de Aquisições BR-T1262 2016 - 2017.xlsx Procurement Plan BR-T1262 May 29, 2017
Plano de Aquisições (BR-L1319 PROFISCO BA) Maio 2017.xlsx Procurement Plan BR-L1319 May 29, 2017
Loans 3121_OC-JA; 3122_CH-JA Technical Cooperation GRT_EX-14238-JA Public Sector Efficiency Programme Procuremen ... Procurement Plan JA-L1046 May 29, 2017
BR-L1254 - Plano de Aquisições nº 10 - BID.xlsx Procurement Plan BR-L1254 May 29, 2017
EC-T1354-P003 Aviso expresiones de interés.pdf BEO Procurement EC-T1354 May 29, 2017
Plano de Aquisições (BR-L1255 PROFISCO TO) Fevereiro 2017.xlsx Procurement Plan BR-L1255 May 26, 2017
Plano de Aquisições - Abril 2017.xls Procurement Plan BR-L1343 May 26, 2017
Plano de Aquisicoes - Maio de 2017.xlsx Procurement Plan BR-L1117 May 26, 2017
PCR. Programa_de_Seguridad_Integral (PROSI) 1762-OC-PN.PDF Project Completion Report PN-L1003 May 26, 2017
Anexo I - Solicitud del Gobierno [40778106].docx Approved TC document AR-T1166 May 26, 2017

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