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  • Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO) 2016

    July 2017

    The Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO) is an annual report produced by the IDBG to show the results and impact of its work in Latin America and the Caribbean. It reports on the IDBG's contributions towards the development of its 26 borrowing member countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, holding the IDBG accountable to its shareholders, partners and beneficiaries.

  • Panorama de la Efectividad en el Desarrollo (DEO) 2016

    July 2017

    El Panorama de la Efectividad en el Desarrollo (DEO por sus siglas en inglés) es el informe anual del Grupo BID que muestra los resultados e impactos de su trabajo en América Latina y el Caribe. Reporta sobre las contribuciones al desarrollo de sus 26 países miembros prestatarios y sirve como mecanismo de rendición de cuentas ante sus accionistas, socios y beneficiarios.

  • The Impact of Upgrading Municipal Infrastructure on Property Prices: Evidence from...

    May 2017

    We evaluate the effects of municipal infrastructure upgrades on property prices in the Municipality of Campo Grande, Brazil. Using detailed administrative data on property characteristics and sales prices, we implement a differences-in-differences methodology that compares treated and comparison neighborhoods over time to estimate the effects of road infrastructure improvements and revitalization ...

  • Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure: Featured Infrastructure Proje...

    April 2017

    Closing the world's infrastructure gap would take $1 to $1.5 trillion annually. The Global Infrastructure Forum aims to discuss opportunities to harness public and private resources to close this gap. The 2017 forum was jointly organized by the multilateral development banks (MDBs): African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruc...

  • Organizational Efficency or Bureaucratic Quagmire: Do Quality at Entry Assessments...

    March 2017

    Do quality at entry assessments enhance the delivery of development projects? In this paper we take advantage of approval and execution systems in place at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to examine whether projects that have higher quality at entry--captured through grading scores provided by a checklist--perform better in terms of project implementation performance indicators. Implemen...

  • Centros infantiles en Bolivia: Atención, infraestructura y calidad de servicios de...

    December 2016

    En una serie de trabajos publicados en 2008 en la revista científica The Lancet, se señala que los daños provocados por la desnutrición en los primeros años de vida no solamente llevan a rezagos permanentes, sino que además pueden afectar a las generaciones futuras. Los primeros 1000 años de vida (desde el embarazo hasta aproximadamente los 2 años de edad) de niños y niñas constituyen una ventana ...

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