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Impact Evaluation:

A Useful Tool for Development Effectiveness?


Is the current emphasis on impact evaluation just a fad? How effective are randomized controlled trials (RTC) in providing actionable results? What are the current trends in evaluation work? What is the experience of donors in mainstreaming impact evaluations and the results to date?

Lant Pritchett, a renowned Harvard professor with an amazing sense of humor, discussed these and other questions, starting by bringing a controversial question to the table: is impact evaluation just a fad, or is it really an effective learning tool? An expert panel that included Santiago Levy, Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge at the Inter-American Development Bank, Emmanuel Jimenez, Director of Public Sector Evaluations at IEG World Bank, and Jack Molyneaux, Director of Impact Evaluations at the Millennium Challenge Corporation, reacted to Pritchett's controversial propositions, resulting in an interesting discussion on the future directions of evaluation work and the practical challenges in expanding the use of some of these evaluation tools.  

Watch the video for the entire session below:

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