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Colombia hosted the First CEO Summit of the Americas

The first CEO Summit of the Americas was organized by the Colombian private sector with the endorsement of the Colombian government and technical support from the IDB's Integration and Trade Sector. At this event, thirteen heads of State and more than 700 top executives from the Western Hemisphere participated in an unprecedented opportunity for a public-private exchange.

Opportunities for public-private partnerships

The IDB prepared five technical papers for the meeting that outline opportunities for the private sector to help the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean address development challenges. The IDB documents covered the following areas: Social Development and the Private Sector; Human Capital for Economic Growth; Globalization: Value Chain Development in the Americas; Economic Growth and Natural Resources in Latin America; and Intelligent Transport and Infrastructure.

"It’s time to forge connectivity": IDB's President Luis Alberto Moreno

IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno called for greater connectivity in the Americas to support economic and social development. Moreno highlighted opportunities for greater hemispheric integration and improving connectivity of medium-sized cities. He also stressed the importance of the private sector in contributing key investments and know-how.

Obama, Rousseff and Santos closed the Summit in a roundtable discussion about the economic challenges in LAC (Video)

At the end of the CEO Summit, Presidents Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia and Barack Obama of the United States participated in a roundtable discussion about economic challenges and regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, in front of an audience that included almost 700 top executives from many of the Western Hemisphere’s leading companies.




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CEO Summit of the Americas




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