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IDB provides $15 million grant for artisan fishing in Haiti

IDB donates $15 million for artisan fishing sector’s institution- and capacity-building, and for public infrastructure in Haiti.

Argentina to boost investment in research, development and technological innovation with support from IDB

Argentina will increase the productivity of its businesses by boosting investment in research, development and innovation with IDB support.

IDB supports broad program of scholarships for researchers, professionals and educators in Paraguay

IDB has approved a loan of US$20 million to finance a program for 1,245 researchers, professionals and educators in Paraguay.

IDB partners with IFC, Exportadora Atlantic and Starbucks to help Nicaraguan farmers combat coffee rust disease

IDB loan will help Nicaraguan farmers fight coffee rust fungus, which has crippled coffee production and put growers out of work.

IDB approves $80 million loan to Ecuador for the continuation of its electricity distribution program

IDB program will improve Ecuador’s National Electricity Distribution System, provide better quality, and more reliable electricity services.

IDB will support the sustainability of the electricity sector in Nicaragua

The IDB approved a loan of $65 million to support the strengthening of the energy sector in Nicaragua.

IDB inaugurates new Haiti country office on site of previous headquarters, which was destroyed in 2010 earthquake

Inauguration of the Inter-American Development Bank’s new country office in Haiti.

IDB approves $300 million for the social and logistics sectors in Panama

IDB approves $300 million loan for Panama to improve social protection and competitiveness in the freight logistics sector.

IDB report urges increased transparency in extractive industries

Greater transparency brings big dividends for extractive industries, IDB report shows.

Bolivia will strengthen its capacity to prevent natural disasters with support from the IDB

Bolivia will improve its administrative and financial capacity to manage the risks of natural disasters.