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Nicaragua to improve hospital services in west of country with support from IDB

IDB approves $85 million to improve hospital network in western Nicaragua.

Lack of coordination in executive branches hurting delivery to citizens, IDB study finds

Most countries in Latin America lack sufficiently strong presidential oversight and monitoring mechanisms: IDB study.

Institutions from Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay win the IDB's Inter-American Awards for Financial and Entrepreneurial Innovation

Institutions from Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay winners of Foromic’s Inter-American Awards for Financial and Entrepreneurial Innovation.

Global study shows clean energy activity surges in developing world

Climatescope 2014 shows clean energy activity surges in developing world.

Latin American, Caribbean, Asian and African countries shared knowledge to modernize civil identification systems

Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa shared knowledge in Korea on the need to modernize civil identification systems.

Latin America needs better logistics infrastructure, deeper regional integration and stronger rule of law to become key player in global value chains

Latin America can boost participation in global value chains if improvements are made in logistics, regional integration and the rule of law.

IDB moves to improve water and sanitation services in Belém, Brazil

IDB supports infrastructure and water and sanitation reforms in Brazil.

IDB supports program in Chile to improve public services

IDB backs program to improve management of public services in Chile.

Peruvian companies will boost their competitiveness with support from the IDB

IDB approves $25 million loan to Peru to increase the productivity and innovation of companies.

Latin America and the Caribbean should do more to facilitate trade in order to boost region’s exports

IDB launches the Trade and Integration Monitor 2014 studies the evolution of Latin American integration within the global trading system.

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