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Bolivia to rebuild, improve Mairana-Bermejo road with IDB support

A $64 million IDB loan will improve quality and traffic conditions, accessibility and safety of Mairana-Bermejo road in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

New program will boost highway capacity and safety in Argentina

IDB backs program in Argentina to boost highway capacity and safety through a $300 million loan.

Honduras to improve roads and productivity with support from IDB

Honduras will improve its two main roadways by adding lanes and upgrading some sections with a $75 million loan from the IDB.

Uruguay to improve rural roads network and fiscal management

IDB supports Uruguay’s productive rural roads and departmental governments fiscal management programs with $600 million credit lines.

The Presidents of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and the Vice President of the United States to meet at the Inter-American Development Bank on Friday, September 23

Meeting of the Presidents of the Northern Triangle and US Vice President Sept. 23: Media Update.

IDB finances program to improve and maintain the major road network in Uruguay

IDB approved a $76 million loan to finance a multi-faceted public works program to improve and maintain the major road network in Uruguay.

IDB supports innovative roadway lighting project in Ensenada, Mexico

IDB has closed the $16 financing of a 25,000 luminaire municipal LED street lighting project for the Municipality of Ensenada, Mexico.

Second edition of Proyecto Luz Amarilla gets under way

Road safety video contest open to youth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

IDB lends Bolivia $185.5 million to upgrade its primary road network

A $185.5 million IDB loan will support Bolivia to pave and improve primary road network reforms.

Highway program will improve competitiveness of productive sector and economic and social integration in Paraguay

IDB supports project to pave an important section of key corridor in Paraguay with a $105 million loan.

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