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IDB approves $50 million loan to improve civil registry procedures in Peru

Citizens of Peru will have better access to civil registry and identification services with a $50 million loan of the IDB.

Suriname to improve fiscal sustainability with IDB support

Suriname received a US$40 million investment loan from the IDB to reduce its budget deficit and improve its fiscal sustainability.

Argentina to implement federal public safety program with IDB support

Argentina will implement a public safety program aimed at curbing the robbery and murder rate in high crime incidence areas with an IDB loan.

Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues continue to rise despite low economic growth

Tax revenues continue to rise in Latin America in 2015, despite slower economic growth, says Revenue Statistics in Latin America study.

Seminar: Key challenges and solutions facing governments in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2017

IDB and OECD invite you to a discussion with top economists and experts to discuss government at a glance in Latin America and Caribbean.

Novel Facebook-based survey measures citizen frustration with bureaucracy in Latin America and Caribbean

Citizens dissatisfied with functioning of their government bureaucracies: Facebook-based study.

Jamaica will strengthen its fiscal sustainability with IDB support

Jamaica will boost its tax revenues and strengthen its fiscal sustainability program for economic growth with a $50 million IDB loan.

Barbados to improve energy security and diversify the energy mix with a US$34 million IDB loan

IDB loan to help Barbados with cleaner energy future, to reach its current natural gas demands, and to create a regional LNG supply chain.

El Salvador will improve tax and customs management with IDB support

El Salvador will improve electronic tax returns and invoice filing efficiency with an IDB loan.

IDB supports justice reform in Guatemala to fight impunity

A $60 million loan sought by the Government of Guatemala and approved by the IDB will help the Public Ministry reduce impunity.

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