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IDB loan to help improve commodity transportation services in Paraguay-Paraná Waterway

IDB loan to help improve commodity transportation services in Paraguay-Paraná waterway.

IDB President and President Martinelli inaugurate the first Mesoamerican Business Forum

Presidents of Panama and the IDB inaugurate first Mesoamerican Business Forum with more than 250 business leaders and government officials.

Canada, Mexico and the United States announce contributions of $13 million to an IDB-managed regional infrastructure integration fund

Canadian, Mexican and U.S. governments will contribute $13 million to a regional infrastructure integration fund.

IDB releases its 2010 Development Effectiveness Report

IDB release development effectiveness report that looks into bank’s development impact in Latin America and Caribbean.

IDB to invest $1.8 billion annually in integration projects for Central America, South America and the Caribbean

IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, announced that under the framework of the Bank’s capital increase, it will allocate about US$1.8 billion annually to integration projects for Central America.

IDB approves $30 million for main highway in Honduras

A $30 million IDB loan to finance the expansion of CA-5 Norte, the principal highway in Honduras.

IDB approves $49.5 million to Nicaragua for highway to promote regional integration

A $49.5 million IDB soft loan to Nicaragua to finance improvements on a highway to the border with Costa Rica as part of Puebla-Panama Plan .

IDB establishes fund for infrastructure project preparation

A $20 million IDB fund will support the preparation of projects and promote public-private partnerships to sponsor investments in infrastructure in LAC.

IDB approves $1.5 million for studies on hydrocarbon fuels markets integration and oil refinery in Central America

IDB approved a $1.5 million grant for studies on the integration of fossil fuels markets and the feasibility of building an oil refinery in Central America.

Uruguay, IDB sign $77 million for road infrastructure program

Uruguay’s Minister of Economy Isaac Alfie and Inter-American Development Bank President Enrique V. Iglesias signed a $77 million loan for a road infrastructure program to improve...

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