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Brazil will strengthen integrated sustainable urban development of João Pessoa with IDB support

A $100 million loan will benefit more than 5,000 vulnerable families strengthening sustainable urban development in Brazil with IDB support.

Mexican Government and IDB to invest $13.7 million to improve climate change mitigation and adaptation abilities in three cities

IDB Sustainable Cities Program of the GEF will improve the management of solid waste, clean energy, sanitation in cities of Mexico.

IDB Group and Civil Society discuss sustainable development challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean

More than 500 representatives from Latin America and Caribbean Civil Societies organizations and IDB meet in Bolivia to discuss innovation.

Barbados to Strengthen its Global Tourism Presence

With IDB’s support, Barbados will increase the appeal of its tourism attractions with a focus on its unique heritage and cultural products.

Argentina to implement urban integration, social and educational inclusion programs in Buenos Aires City with IDB assistance

More than 150,000 people will benefit from urban infrastructure, social and educational inclusion in Argentina with an IDB loan.

Costa Rica Expands Access to Housing Finance through COOPENAE with support from the IIC

IIC loan will expand access to finance for housing in Costa Rica.

IDB, Government and private sector discuss ways to ensure Belize’s sustainable development

Inter-American Development Bank, government and private sector deepen cooperation to ensure sustainable development in Belize.

IIC and FHipo expand access to mortgage loans in Mexico

The IIC signs a loan of MXN1.396 billion with FHipo to offer a new mortgage instrument in the national capital market.

Multilateral banks to deepen collaboration with private sector to boost inclusive, sustainable infrastructure

Multilateral banks to deepen collaboration with private sector to boost inclusive, sustainable infrastructure worldwide.

IDB Safeguards help promote sustainable growth, study finds

Harvard University's Zofnass Program reviews the IDB's environmental and social safeguards.

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