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Crime exacts steep social, public and private costs in Latin America and Caribbean: IDB study

Study: the steep price Latin America and Caribbean pays for high levels of crime.

Novel Facebook-based survey measures citizen frustration with bureaucracy in Latin America and Caribbean

Citizens dissatisfied with functioning of their government bureaucracies: Facebook-based study.

Latin American and Caribbean exports will contract around 50 billion dollars in 2016

The region's exports are expected to fall 6 percent, in 2016, a lower contraction rate compared to 2015.

Paraguay will increase and diversify exports with IDB support

Paraguay will launch a program to enhance and diversify exports with support from IDB loan.

Paraguay to finance construction and access to housing with IDB support

Paraguay will boost housing loans for the emerging middle class and financing for developers with a loan from the IDB.

Better management of tight budgets could help Latin American and Caribbean governments to raise living standards - OECD/IDB

According to a new report by the OECD and the IDB governments in Latin America need to improve public sector management and capacity.

IDB backs program to boost competitiveness in Paraguay's agriculture sector and economic integration

Road upgrades and conservation will benefit small- and medium-size producers and a population of 522,000 people.

Better governance and greater integration to determine fate of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030

IDB and The Atlantic Council report looks at six future scenarios for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030.

The trade slowdown in Latin America and the Caribbean is more intense than in the rest of the world

Latin American exports fell in the first seven months of 2016, according to IDB's Trade and Integration Monitor 2016.

Civil Society Groups and the IDB debate best path for sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Non-governmental organizations and IDB seek innovative paths to sustainable growth in Latin America and Caribbean.

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