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Robotlution: A new IDB publication on the automation of employment and how it will impact productivity

IDB study “Robotlution” highlights that the region can take advantage of technology opportunities for employment and productivity.

IDB rewards the most successful good practices and experiences in water and sanitation in the Americas

IDB launches call to researchers ahead of World Water Forum.

IDB Convenes Caribbean Agricultural Policy Forum in Suriname

Caribbean agricultural experts participated in the IDB’s Caribbean Agricultural Policy Forum in Suriname on July 25.

Latin American and Caribbean exports increase for the first time in four years

Latin American and Caribbean exports increase for the first time in four years, according to a new IDB report.

Climate change and flooding threaten 4.2 million people on Caribbean and Pacific islands

New IDB study 'Blue Urban Agenda' estimates potential impact on cities and people in low-elevation coastal zones.

High crime rates in the Caribbean require new evidence-based policy approaches - IDB study

IDB study: Caribbean region must redirect anti-crime efforts towards interventions that are evidence-based, focused on high-risk communities.

IDB warns of difficult global trading environment, calls for pragmatic trade integration in Latin America and Caribbean

The IDB's 2017 Macroeconomic Report urged Latin America and Caribbean to create free trade area.

More than 800 business and government leaders discuss ambitious integration agenda to compete in global trade

IDB President and the Minister of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay inaugurate Business Forum in Asunción.

Latin American and Caribbean economic prospects improve, IDB report finds

IDB: Economic outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean improves in 2017.

Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues continue to rise despite low economic growth

Tax revenues continue to rise in Latin America in 2015, despite slower economic growth, says Revenue Statistics in Latin America study.

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