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Brazil will strengthen integrated sustainable urban development of João Pessoa with IDB support

A $100 million loan will benefit more than 5,000 vulnerable families strengthening sustainable urban development in Brazil with IDB support.

Uruguay to consolidate its regulatory and institutional framework for investment, trade and innovation with help from IDB

IDB supports program to consolidate investment, trade and innovation policies in Uruguay.

Brazilian municipality of Maracanaú to boost transport infrastructure with IDB backing

IDB $31.7 million loan will allow for improving road infrastructure and construction of a bus lane in Brazil.

Colombia to implement master plan for sewerage upgrade in Mocoa, Colombia with IDB support

IDB loan will improve the sewerage network in Colombia.

IDB Invest, IPS and Banco Familiar will support SMEs in Paraguay

IDB Invest will provide the guarantee to a 26,300 million guaranies loan that IPS will disburse to Banco Familiar.

IDB Invest and Financiera Equipa-T finance low-income households and vulnerable populations in Mexico

US$1.7 million loan will support low-income families in Mexico.

Caribbean leaders launch plan to make region a “climate-smart zone,” with IDB support

IDB Group to support the Caribbean Climate-Smart Coalition, aiming to mobilize support for an $8 billion climate resilient investment plan.

IDB supports Colombia’s efforts to fight and prevent corruption

Colombia will strengthen public surveillance and promote institutional transparency with support from an IDB loan.

Inter-American Development Bank, PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation Expand Ties for Water Management

The IDB, PepsiCo, and the PepsiCo Foundation announce Hydro-BID Support Center in Latin America and the Caribbean to better manage water.

Brazilian states will boost tax revenues, improve competitiveness with PROFISCO II

IDB approves $900 million conditional credit line for the PROFISCO II program.

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