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State of Sao Paulo to receive $480 million to upgrade highways

With IDB support, the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo will upgrade 500 kilometers of its highway network.

El Salvador to boost regional trade through rehabilitation of Mesoamerican Pacific Corridor highway

El Salvador increase regional trade through the rehabilitation of 27 km of the Mesoamerican Pacific Corridor with a $115 million IDB loan.

São Paulo to use $480 million IDB loan for highway improvements

Brazil’s state of São Paulo will receive a loan for $480 million from the IDB for highway improvements.

IDB grant to improve Haiti’s transport system

Haiti to improve main road as well as roads in smaller communities with a $50 million grant from the IDB.

IDB and CIFAL-UNITAR announce winners of road safety case study contest

IDB and CIFAL-UNITAR announce winners of road safety case study contest.

Costa Rica to improve its road and port infrastructure with IDB support

Costa Rica to improve roads and ports with $450 million in loans from the IDB and China.

IDB supports road infrastructure program for sustainable development of Argentina’s Norte Grande Region

IDB supports multiple-work road program for Norte Grande Region in Argentina with a $300 million loan.

Bolivia will improve traffic conditions with IDB support

With a $35 million IDB loan, Bolivia will upgrade road and safety conditions the highway linking the highland cities of La Paz and El Alto.

Nicaragua to improve its transport system with IDB loan

Nicaragua will improve the efficiency and safety of its transportation system with an IDB $91.5 million loan.

Public-Private Partnership Transforms a Road System and a Region in Peru

IDB supports Peru’s Ancón-Huacho-Pativilca road to improve access between Lima and the northern part of the country.

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