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What Venezuela can learn from Hurricane Mitch

The devastating floods and landslides that killed as many as 30,000 people in Venezuela last December came a little more than a year after Hurricane Mitch, which caused nearly 10,000 deaths in...

IDB sends disaster aid to Venezuela

The IDB is preparing a series of emergency loans to help Venezuela rebuild after the devastation caused by flooding last December which left an estimated 30,000 dead or missing and up to 400,000...

IDB to send support mission to Venezuela

The Inter-American Development Bank announced that it will send a mission to The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to explore ways to support the country’s efforts at relief and recovery from the devastating floods that have caused enormous human and physical losses.

IDB mobilizes resources to assist Venezuela following natural disaster

The Inter-American Development Bank expressed its solidarity with The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for the tragic flooding of the past few days that has caused massive human and physical losses. The Bank announced prompt relief measures.

IDB approves $100 million to strengthen science and technology in Venezuela

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of a $100 million loan to Venezuela to strengthen the country's capacity for scientific research and technological innovation, and improve the competitiveness of its productive sector.

IDB, Venezuela sign loans for $14 million for state modernization

Venezuelan Finance Minister Maritza Izaguirre and Inter-American Development Bank President Enrique V. Iglesias signed documents for two loans for a total $14 million to support public sector decentralization and modernization programs in Venezuela.

The fruit of foresight

Travelers flying over the arid flatlands of the Monagas and Anzoategui provinces in eastern Venezuela are often startled by the sight of an immense patch of green. They are looking..

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