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Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum 2015 with an eye towards the International Climate Conference, COP21

See how individuals, governments and the private sector can spur action through offsetting.

IDB supports broad program of scholarships for researchers, professionals and educators in Paraguay

IDB has approved a loan of US$20 million to finance a program for 1,245 researchers, professionals and educators in Paraguay.

Multilateral Development Banks provided $28 billion in climate finance in 2014

In 2014 the IDB reached a record amount of climate finance. But beyond the figure itself, we are diversifying the menu of instruments.

The musical flow of Paraguay’s H2O Orchestra in Washington, DC

Washington, DC debut of Paraguay’s H20 Orchestra of instruments made of recycled materials related to water.

IDB announces winners of the fifth annual beyondBanking awards

Inter-American Development Bank taps banks in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay for beyondBanking awards.

New sanitation program will help improve living standards for 300,000 people in Paraguay

IDB supports program to enhance environmental and sanitary conditions in the Bay of Asunción, Paraguay and the Metropolitan Area.

Highway program will improve competitiveness of productive sector and economic and social integration in Paraguay

IDB supports project to pave an important section of key corridor in Paraguay with a $105 million loan.

What does a trivia game have to do with the IDB?

QuizUp trivia game and the IDB team up to promote climate change awareness.

IDB backs program to give SMEs in Paraguay greater access to credit

IDB supports program to improve SMEs’ access to credit in Paraguay with a $30 million loan.

Rural areas of Paraguay to gain greater access to transport, goods and social services

Paraguay will improve connections rural area of departments in the Región Oriental through a road upgrade with a $100 million IDB loan.

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