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On the right path

Hundreds of miles of roads repaired. Bridges, schools, hospitals and water systems rebuilt. A gradual recovery in farming and manufacturing output. Inflation under control. Reforms underway in key...

International community reaffirms its strong support for Honduras' national reconstruction and transformation plan

During a two-day Consultative Group meeting in Tegucigalpa on February 7-8, organized and chaired by the Inter-American Development Bank, the international community reaffirmed its strong support for Honduras' National Plan to rebuild the economy and transform its society.

IDB chairs Consultative Group for the reconstruction and transformation of Honduras after Hurricane Mitch

The Consultative Group for the Reconstruction and Transformation of Central America opened a two day meeting with calls for continued international support for Honduras’ recovery effort from the destruction of Hurricane Mitch.

IDB approves $26,8 million in supplementary financing to rebuild road infrastructure in Honduras

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $26.8 million supplementary soft loan to Honduras to provide additional resources for rebuilding road infrastructure that was damaged during Hurricane Mitch.

Courthouse fit for a judge

A total of 80 courthouses will be built as part of the program, which is being carried out with the help of an $8.7 million IDB loan. Funds will also be used to update legislation, improve access to..

IDB approves $26 million for potable water and sanitation in Honduras

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $26 million soft loan to Honduras to promote and consolidate reforms at the municipal level to provide efficient and sustainable potable water and sanitation services.

IDB approves $1,291,600 for the sustainable economic and social development of the Mayan region

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of $1,291,600 in non-reimbursable financing to the Mundo Maya Organization* for a sustainable economic and social development program that will be carried out in five countries.

IDB helps Central America's recovery from Hurricane Mitch by approving $597 million in one-year period

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved $597 million in financing for the countries of Central America that suffered severe damage from Hurricane Mitch during the one-year period immediately following one of the worst natural disasters ever suffered by the region.

IDB approves $30 million soft loan to Honduras to assist recovery from hurricane Mitch

The Inter-American Development Bank today announced the approval of a $30 million soft loan to Honduras to protect and improve the delivery of social services during the period of reconstruction and recovery from Hurricane Mitch.

A clean slate for Honduran schools

After Hurricane Mitch tore apart thousands of dwellings in Honduras last October, homeless families took refuge in the first solid public building they could find. More often than not, that...

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