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IDB approves $1,291,600 for the sustainable economic and social development of the Mayan region

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of $1,291,600 in non-reimbursable financing to the Mundo Maya Organization* for a sustainable economic and social development program that will be carried out in five countries.

IDB helps Central America's recovery from Hurricane Mitch by approving $597 million in one-year period

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved $597 million in financing for the countries of Central America that suffered severe damage from Hurricane Mitch during the one-year period immediately following one of the worst natural disasters ever suffered by the region.

IDB approves $29.8 million to improve environmental management in critical areas in El Salvador

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of a $29,847,000 loan to El Salvador to establish and consolidate systems for environmental management that will reduce the hazards and economic losses caused by solid waste, air pollution and water pollution.

IDB approves $8,590,500 for modernization of the state in El Salvador

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of two loans totaling $8,590,500 to El Salvador to strengthen and modernize the state’s audit system and the national Legislative Assembly.

IDB, El Salvador sign $93.9 million in loans for education and health

Salvadorean Finance Minister Manuel Enrique Hinds and Inter-American Development Bank President Enrique V. Iglesias signed documents for two loans totaling $93.9 million that will support a program to expand and improve basic education in El Salvador through the use of modern technologies and a project to improve health care for the poor.

IDB, MIF approves $6,764,000 to strengthen financial sector supervision in El Salvador

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of $6,764,000 in financing to strengthen the technical capacity of El Salvador´s supervisory agencies for the financial sector.

El Salvador host education reform conference, january 25-26

Leading educators of the Western Hemisphere will address a conference on education reform to be held in San Salvador, El Salvador, Jan. 25-26. The forum is designed to promote a policy dialogue among countries of the Central American Isthmus and the Dominican Republic and serve as a catalyst for utilizing education as a tool for development.

Project Updates: El Salvador: Road to the border

A recently rehabilitated 27-km stretch of the Pan American Highway in El Salvador that runs to the border with Guatemala was inaugurated in February in a ceremony attended by the country's president.

Project Updates: Drinking water in Honduras

The long-familiar sight of the water vendor, pushing his cart through the steep, dusty streets of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is about to disappear..

Selling beans via cell-phone

Actually, a few slips of paper changed hands. The 12,000 metric tons of fertilizer and 37,500 liters of pesticide were nowhere to be seen, because the sales took place at the Bolsa de Productos...

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