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Bolivia: Getting Kids Back In School

Want to start a business? Stuck in a dead-end job? Got no job at all? It's likely that Jamaica's two-year-old Work Force Development Consort.

Local officials taking charge

What happens when you give fiscal power to the people? In 1994 and 1995 Bolivia's national legislature decided to find out. It passed two laws that esentially transferred responsibility for setting...

Public access preserves ruins

Priceless cultural remains from a magnificent though mysterious period in the history of the Aymara people have been saved from looters and the ravages of time in the highlands of Bolivia, thanks...

Supporting child care in Bolivia

$38 million to support a program that expands access to essential social services among female heads of household, indigenous communities, youth at risk, the elderly, and the disabled...

Improving public management in Bolivia

$7 million from the Fund for Special Operations to improve public investment programming and preinvestment management at the departmental and municipal levels...

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