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Lights and shadows

By Milagros Belgrano Rawson Editor's Note: Does the IDB’s new information disclosure policy meet its stated goals? One way to answer that question is to see if the new policy...

An opportunity to see how we’re doing

By John Ferriter I’d like to thank Milagros Belgrano Rawson for the research she conducted for her article in this issue of IDBAmérica, and for her...

Inter-American Development Bank approves $18 million loan to Bahamas for first phase of $60 million investment in education

The Inter-American Development Ban k approved an $18 million loan to The Bahamas to finance the first phase of a $60 million lending program to help transform the national...

MIF approves $1.3 million grant to Bahamas hotel association

The Multilateral Investment Fund announced the approval of a $1.3 million grant to the Bahamas Hotel Association to carry out a program to improve the competitiveness of the tourism...

More growth or less inequality?

Increased investment, low inflation, an improved fiscal situation, decreased unemployment. Latin America and the Caribbean have been hearing plenty of good news the past 18 months. A group of renowned economists analyzed the situation at a seminar hosted by the IDB Research Department to honor IDB President Enrique V. Iglesias, who will retire on September 30. Iglesias himself opened the seminar, which was chaired by IDB Chief Economist Guillermo Calvo, with the participation of Ricardo Hausmann, Michael Mussa, José Antonio Ocampo and John Williamson.

Not quite equal under the law

By Charo QuesadaOn paper, Latin America is almost a model of equitable and gender-neutral justice. Nearly all governments in the region have signed and ratified international agreements...

IDB approves $3.5 million loan to The Bahamas to improve efficiency of land administration and land information management

The Inter-American Development Bank announced the approval of a $3,500,000 loan to The Bahamas to improve the efficiency of land administration and land information management and to support the preparation of modern legislation and policy guidelines.

IDB hosts seminar on remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean

The Inter-American Development Bank and its Multilateral Investment Fund will host on Monday, November 24 a seminar on remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean,...

Call for papers

The Euro-Latin Study Network on Integration and Trade is inviting researchers whose primary base is Europe to submit papers on macroeconomic dimensions of regional integration, European Union enlargement and adjustment policies during the transition, and the impact of regional integration on economic convergence and growth.

The integration imperative

By Paul Constance Should people in Latin America still care about regional integration? With.

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