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Jamaica to strengthen its climate resilience with IDB support

Jamaica will strengthen its adaptation to climate change using US$17.9 million in financing from the IDB.

Chile will improve early education with IDB support

IDB approves a $75 million loan for program to improve early education in Chile.

Dominican Republic will improve social security coverage and efficiency in health care spending with support from IDB

IDB approve a $150 million loan to improve social security coverage and efficiency in health care spending.

Haiti to expand business facilities at Caracol Industrial Park with support from IDB

IDB approves $70 million grant to expand business facilities in the Caracol Industrial Park in Haiti and create jobs.

The IDB gives Haiti a $36 million grant for sustainable tourism on its southern coast

Haiti to develop sustainable tourism with an IDB grant.

IDB lends Bolivia $185.5 million to upgrade its primary road network

A $185.5 million IDB loan will support Bolivia to pave and improve primary road network reforms.

Honduras to strengthen its power sector’s financial sustainability, efficiency with IDB support

Honduras will strengthen planning, operation and control of its energy sector with a $130 million loan of the IDB.

IDB to launch new open data portal on development in Latin America and the Caribbean

IDB launches a free and open data portal focused on Latin American and Caribbean development indicators.

IDB hosts 2014 Regional Ministerial Meeting on Transparency and Integrity in the Caribbean

IDB hosts Caribbean regional meeting on transparency, integrity, and governance issues.

The IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund program EcoMicro wins United Nations climate solutions award

EcoMicro, a program that works with microfinance institutions to develop green financial products, receives UNFCCC award.

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