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Inter-American Development Bank appoints new Finance Manager and Chief Financial Officer

The IDB announces the appointment of Gustavo De Rosa as Finance Manager and Chief Financial Officer, effective November 1, 2014.

IDB loan to to benefit low-income public-sector employees in Colombia

Loan from IDB's Opportunities for the Majority Sector will benefit up to 110,000 low-income public employees and pensioners in Colombia.

Guyana to improve water, sanitation services with IDB and the European Union

Guyana will improve its water and sanitation services with a $16.84 million IDB loan.

Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state to invest in youth crime prevention program

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul will invest $56 million in a Youth crime prevention program focusing on 15-24 year olds at risk.

IDB backs better tax, customs management in Peru

Peru will improve its tax and customs management with a $15 million IDB loan both at the national and municipal level.

Ecuador to improve access to water, sanitation and solid waste management with IDB support

Ecuador will expand water sanitation and solid waste services with $120 million IDB loan.

New IDB study reveals success factors in business models for low-income family housing

New study describes successful business models for BOP families, which spend an estimated $56.7 billion on housing annually.

IDB to support community programs in Jamaica to reduce crime

The IDB has approved a $20 million citizen security loan for Jamaica to strengthen community actions targeting at-risk youths.

Uruguay to strengthen mathematics learning and expand English instruction with IDB support

IDB supports program to stengthen mathematics and English learning in Uruguay.

Guyana to strengthen electricity system’s reliability and efficiency with IDB support

Guyana to strengthen its Power Utility Upgrade Program with IDB support.

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