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Paraguay will increase and diversify exports with IDB support

Paraguay will launch a program to enhance and diversify exports with support from IDB loan.

Argentina to boost competitiveness of productive sector with Single Window for Foreign Trade

IDB approves loan for creation of platform that will streamline trade and investment operations in Argentina.

Barbados to improve energy security and diversify the energy mix with a US$34 million IDB loan

IDB loan to help Barbados with cleaner energy future, to reach its current natural gas demands, and to create a regional LNG supply chain.

Paraguay to finance construction and access to housing with IDB support

Paraguay will boost housing loans for the emerging middle class and financing for developers with a loan from the IDB.

El Salvador will improve tax and customs management with IDB support

El Salvador will improve electronic tax returns and invoice filing efficiency with an IDB loan.

IDB honors Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel for his cultural and social work

IDB honors musical director Gustavo Dudamel, who will deliver the Enrique V. Iglesias lecture for Culture & Development.

IDB supports justice reform in Guatemala to fight impunity

A $60 million loan sought by the Government of Guatemala and approved by the IDB will help the Public Ministry reduce impunity.

Sub-national Governments of Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico Win the Gobernarte Contest with Gender-Sensitive Initiatives

Subnational governments in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico win 2016 Gobernarte award.

Chile launches first “Gender Parity Initiative” with Inter-American Development Bank and World Economic Forum support

Chile launches the first Gender Parity Initiative in the region with concrete economic measures.

Accelerating quality improvement continues to be the main challenge for education across Latin America and the Caribbean IDB

International PISA 2015 tests results for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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