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IDB loans to support wind power projects in Peru

IDB loan to the Marcona and Tres Hermanas wind farm projects in the department of Nazca, south of Lima in Peru.

IDB, EU and Spain reaffirm commitment to renewable and efficient energy in the Caribbean

The EU, Spain and the IDB signed a declaration reinforcing their collaboration in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Caribbean.

Peru to modernize agricultural information system with support from IDB

A $15 million loan from the IDB will facilitate the compiling and sharing of data on farming in Peru.

Peru to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation with support from Norway, Germany, and the IDB

The Governments of Norway and Germany have agreed on a results-based mechanism to deter deforestation in Peru by 2021.

IDB study analyzes strengths and weaknesses in the public sector’s human capital in Latin America

IDB Study evaluates effectiveness of public sector human capital in 16 Latin American countries.

IDB selects 16 most innovative startups to take part in Demand Solutions

The IDB announces 16 startup companies chosen to take part in Ideas for Improving Quality of Life.

IDB study proposes a new generation of productive development policies to boost growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

IDB study provides new conceptual framework to help transform industrial policies into tools to increase productivity.

Paraguay to expand financing to more than 5,000 micro and small businesses at the base of the pyramid

IDB supports project in Paraguay to expand financing for more than 5,000 micro and small companies run or owned by women.

Brazilian state of Espírito Santo launches program to reduce youth violence

The Brazillian state of Espirito Santo will have a special program aimed at reducing violent crime.

IDB launches inaugural Education, Youth, and Employment (“EYE”) Bond

The Inter-American Development Bank (“IADB”), priced a $500 million 4-year fixed rate global bond under the EYE Band Program.

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