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Fiscal adjustments for productivity and social inclusion foreseen for Latin America and the Caribbean

IDB 2015 Annual Macroeconomic report: Latin America needs to make budget adjustments in the face of rising fiscal imbalances.

Korea and the IDB Enhance their Partnership with new $100 million facility

IDB and Korea strengthen partnership through a new co-financing platform.

IDB Announces Winners of Infrastructure 360º Awards

Wind farm project in Mexico, solar project in Chile and water project in Brazil named as winners of the 2015 Infrastructure 360º Awards.

IDB announces winners of the fifth annual beyondBanking awards

Inter-American Development Bank taps banks in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay for beyondBanking awards.

IDB and China Strengthen Partnership

IDB and China design a more comprehensive and strategic plan for partnership.

IIC sponsors B2B meeting for firms from Korea, Latin America and the Caribbean

IIC sponsored a B2B meeting with firms from Korea and Latin America and the Caribbean to establish partnerships and encourage joint ventures.

Korean, Latin American and Caribbean firms deepen trade and investment ties at business summit

More than 1000 businesspeople and government officials gather in Busan for the 2015 Korea-LAC Business Summit to boost trade and investment.

Japan and IDB strengthen ties through energy and knowledge-sharing agreement

IDB and Japan strengthen partnership through Japanese public and private sector actors.

Emsula launches innovative solar power project financed by the IDB

Emsula inaugurates rooftop solar PV plant in San Pedro Sula, with support from IDB Energy Efficiency Finance Facility.

IDB brings Latin American bankers to Seoul to increase their knowledge of Korea

IDB's Korea Insights program enables banks from LAC to learn about the country's cultural, economic and financial realities.