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IDB backs program to fight crime in Paraguay

IDB approved a $20 million loan for Paraguay that aims to bring down the crime rate in high-violence areas.

IDB ratifies commitment to ending violence against women

IDB ratifies commitment with fight to eliminate violence against women.

Young innovators from Latin America and the Caribbean to share their game-changing ideas at one-day Conference at the IDB

Demand Solutions is a day-long event (DEC 2), free and open to the public that will conclude with a Venture Night.

Brazilian state of Bahía to improve public administration with help from IDB

IDB approved a $50 million loan for the state of Bahía in Brazil for a program to strengthen public administration to serve its citizens.

IDB to support The Bahamas’ efforts to improve fiscal effectiveness

IDB approved a $33 million loan for The Bahamas to improve the management of its public finances.

The triumph of the city: How Latin American and Caribbean cities can boost productivity and innovation

Professor Edward Glaeser will present his book, The triumph of the city, and discuss the challenges for Latin America at the IDB on Nov. 21.

Ecuador to improve provision of social services with support from IDB

IDB approves $80 million loan for Ecuador that is designed to improve social services through the construction of a shared headquarters.

Conference on Scaling Corporate Social Enterprise Opens

Increasing the impact of the private sector and improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Inter-American Development Bank to promote soybean industrialization in Paraguay

The IDB signed a $94.7 million loan to support the industrialization of Paraguay’s soybean complex through financing of CAIASA.

Dominican Republic to adopt reforms to boost productivity with support from the IDB

The IDB supports the Dominican Republic's efforts to improve the country's business climate and productivity reforms.

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