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The IDB issued a 150 billion Italian Lira bond (around $85 million) under its Euro Medium- Term Program. J.P. Morgan, Citibank and Caboto...

Three moments in Jamaican art

In art as well as geography, Jamaica is a world removed. For most of its history, the country's painting and sculpture developed quite independently from what was happening in the rest of the..

We've made some changes

The winds of renewal blowing across Latin America have also rustled the pages of the IDB's monthly magazine. We have a new name, a new design, and a rejuvenated mission.

Mercosur: what comes next?

Judged on the basis of trade figures, Mercosur has been an undeniable success. In less than a decade, the trade bloc made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay has turned itself into the...

Going digital

A few years ago, the typical 50-member farming cooperative in this area near Cuzco took in around $113 per month selling potatoes, chiles and other produce at the Chincheros market...

Internet for the people

José Soriano is certain that at some point in the next millennium the Internet will be available to Latin Americans of all classes at a price they can afford. But he's not willing to wait that long.

Digital ventures attract funding

Several major investment projects that will extend the benefits of Latin America's nascent information infrastructure to less advantaged populations were announced at September's Informatics 2000...

Who is building the data highways?

It took two centuries to build the roads, rail lines and seaports that form the backbone of Latin America's commercial infrastructure...

Combatting a hidden scourge

Corruption. Ten years ago the word was rarely spoken in public, and even the news media handled the subject with kid gloves. But last September, hundreds of government officials, scholars...

Felipe Herrera's enduring vision

When Chilean economist Felipe Herrera proposed 36 years ago that the fledgling Inter-American Development Bank finance social development projects, many regarded such a notion as questionable, or...

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