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Twelve trailblazing startups from Latin America and the Caribbean picked to participate in IDB’s Demand Solutions 2016

12 startups from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Jamaica and Mexico selected to participate in Demand Solutions 2016.

Local governments in Latin America need more autonomy to manage their own taxes, IDB study says

IDB new publication analyzing seven countries shows greater fiscal decentralization could boost development at state and municipal level.

DC Premier of The Beginning of Life

Movie projection & panel discussion to explore the impact of a child’s early environment on their cognitive, social & emotional development.

IIC funds dental health care project in Uruguay

IIC funds dental health project in Uruguay.

Fortaleza to strengthen and enhance its healthcare and youth inclusion services networks

Fortaleza to strengthen and enhance its youth healthcare and inclusion networks with an IDB loan.

Chile to improve and increase productive financing for MSMEs with IDB help

IDB approved loan to help Chile improve and increase its supply of productive financing instruments for MSMEs.

The IDB Group to hold forum with Caribbean Civil Society in The Bahamas on Sustainable Growth

Civil Society Organizations from 7 Caribbean countries will meet in Bahamas to discuss key economic and social challenges for the region.

IDB and Maná join forces to promote environmental protection

The IDB and Maná will promote efforts to protect the environment and address the effects of climate change through a video competition.

Call for research proposals on urban planning in Latin America and the Caribbean

IDB and KRIHS launch call for research proposals to share knowledge and experiences on urban planning between South Korea and LAC.

Caribbean Investment Summit seeks to attract foreign direct investment and boost exports

The Caribbean Investment Summit 2016 will take place in Miami on May 12 and 13, 2016, and seeks to attract foreign direct investment (FDI).