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Guyana to strengthen electricity system’s reliability and efficiency with IDB support

Guyana to strengthen its Power Utility Upgrade Program with IDB support.

IDB supports access to home improvement financing for low-income families in El Salvador

IDB approved a $5 million loan from the Opportunities for the Majority program to Habitat for Humanity El Salvador, for low-income housing.

Dominican Republic to boost health sector with $100 million IDB loan

Dominican Republic to boost management of its health care sector with $300 million IDB loan.

High level meetings on Climate Investment Funds begins today

Over 500 participants researchers will convene for a two-day international Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Partnership Forum in Jamaica.

The IDB seeks out the 15 most innovative startups in Latin America and the Caribbean

Competition for Latin American and Caribbean startups for Designing Solutions (Demand Solutions).

Latin America and Caribbean governments could do more on budget management, public sector pay equality - OECD-IDB

Latin American and Caribbean countries need to do more to improve budget management, according to OECD-IDB study.

IDB approves $220 million loan to Ecuador for the electricity distribution program

IDB approved a $220 million loan to Ecuador to finance the strengthening of the National Electricity Distribution System.

Belize to improve education with $10 million loan from the IDB

Belize receives support from the IDB to improve the quality of its primary-level education and strengthen the governance of its education.

IDB lends Bolivia $106 million to support transport sector reform

A $106 million IDB policy based loan will support Bolivia as it carries out transportation sector reforms.

Remittance Flows Up in Central America and Caribbean, Down in Mexico and South America

The 2013 Report on Remittances to the Region shows increases to Central America and the Caribbean, decreases to Mexico and the Caribbean.

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