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Uruguay to diversify energy matrix with IIC loans to solar PV plants

Uruguay to diversify energy matrix with $25.2 million loan from IIC to Solaria Energia for two solar energy plants.

Argentina’s metropolitan area to improve drinking water and sanitation services with IDB support

Buenos Aires to improve drinking water and sanitation services with IDB support.

IDB launches "Rise Up", a multimedia school kit on climate change for teachers, students and parents

Program offers guides, videos, games and free lesson plans to teach the concepts of sustainability in an interactive and fun way.

Nicaragua to develop geothermal energy potential, improve power transmission system with IDB support

Inter-American Development Bank grants Nicaragua loan to develop geothermal energy, improve power transmission system.

Bolivia to promote Lake Titicaca cleanup with IDB assistance

IDB approved $86 million assistance to support Bolivia’s wastewater treatment and solid waste management in order to reduce Lake Titicaca.

The Inter-American Development Bank joins the Paralympic Movement

Through its contribution, the IDB will support Paralympic sports and foster the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Latin America.

IDB to invest $50 million in social protection and integral health in Honduras

More than 400,000 Hondurans from the country’s poorest districts will benefit from a social inclusion network program financed by the IDB.

The IDB selects 14 startups to participate in Demand Solutions Argentina

Demand Solutions brings together the most creative minds and startups in the world of health, water and sanitation and women entrepreneurs i.

IIC joins efforts with Banco Société Générale Brasil to support Brazilian SMEs

SMEs in Brazil to increase access to finance with $40 million loan from IIC to Banco Société Générale Brasil.

IDB approves $100 million for rural electrification in Bolivia

IDB will help advance the living standards of Bolivia’s low-income households that lack or have only limited access to electricity.