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Paraguay to improve National Route 9, boost Chaco region competitiveness with IDB support

Paraguay will boost its rural sector competitiveness by improving road conditions Route 9 with a $160 million loan approved by the IDB.

Jamaica to strengthen efforts to combat violent crime with help from the IDB

US$20 million loan will train the Jamaica Constabulary Force to improve its handling and processing of murder investigations.

Bolivia will improve natural disaster risk management with IDB support

Bolivia will seek to improve its resilience to climate events through the reduction of risks in disaster-prone areas with an IDB loan.

IDB backs measures to boost productivity in Paraguay

IDB approved a loan to support reforms aimed at boosting economic productivity in Paraguay.

77 percent of Latin Americans favor economic integration, study shows

77% of Latin Americans are in favor of economic integration.

IDB Invest strengthens Peru's agricultural sector with financing to Danper Trujillo

IDB Invest provides $20.7 million loan to Danper Trujillo in Peru to increase its agricultural production and cutting-edge technology.

Bolivia to rebuild, improve Mairana-Bermejo road with IDB support

A $64 million IDB loan will improve quality and traffic conditions, accessibility and safety of Mairana-Bermejo road in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Dominican Republic will improve productivity, business climate with IDB support

The Dominican Republic aims to improve its competitiveness with the support of a $300 million loan from the IDB.

Jamaica to Fund Improvements in Quality and Efficiency of its Public Services with US$160 million Loan Programme

IDB loans will aid quality of public sector services and improve efficiency in public spending in Jamaica.

Latin America and the Caribbean leaves behind the longest trade downturn in recent history but sees its share of global trade shrink

New IDB report highlights export growth, region´s competitive lag and digital commerce opportunities.

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