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Finance Ministers of more than 30 countries and high officials of multilateral organizations to meet Oct. 11 at the IDB

Finance Ministers and high officials of MDBs to meet Oct.11 at the IDB.

The Inter-American Development Bank and the London School of Economics Announce their Partnership

IDB and LSE collaborate to produce and disseminate knowledge on Latin America and Caribbean development issues.

Brazil to improve environmental sanitation with IDB loan

Salvador da Bahia in Brazil will invest in environmental sanitation of the Mane Dende River basin with an IDB loan.

Nicaragua continues strengthening electricity sector with new financing from the IDB

Nicaragua will continue to strengthen its electricity sector with a loan of $65 million from the IDB.

Argentina to implement urban integration, social and educational inclusion programs in Buenos Aires City with IDB assistance

More than 150,000 people will benefit from urban infrastructure, social and educational inclusion in Argentina with an IDB loan.

Argentina to improve water and sanitation services in northern provinces with IDB loan

IDB loan for drinking water and sanitation in northern Argentina in the amount of $200 million.

IDB approves two loans to Argentina for a total of $550 million

IDB approves loans for a total of $550 million on urban integration and social inclusion and education and water in Argentina.

Brazil’s Parana state will improve logistics capacity with IDB assistance

US$235 million IDB loan to expand state’s transportation infrastructure, boost competitiveness.

IDB President offers support to The Bahamas following Hurricane Irma

IDB pledges up to $200,000 in grant funds for emergency relief to assist The Bahamas after Hurricane Irma.

IDB Launches $3 Billion 5-Year Fixed Rate Global

The IDB priced a $3 billion 5-year global bond. The transaction pays a semi-annual coupon of 1.750 percent and matures on September 14, 2022.

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