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IDB and PepsiCo Foundation Launch Innovative Program to Prevent Undernutrition and Obesity in Latin American Infants

IDB and PepsiCo Foundation launch Spoon to prevent child undernutrition and obesity in Colombia, Guatemala, México y Perú.

The Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank Launch Staff Exchange Program

President of the ADB and President of the IDB promote South-to-South collaboration through staff exchange program.

Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Center presents the IDB documentary “Water Everlasting?”

IDB hosts documentary "Water Everlasting?" The battle to secure Haiti’s most essential resource” in Miami on October 30.

IDB and European Union commit funds for programs to improve electricity, water, sanitation services in Guyana

IDB and European Union committed to support the efforts of the Government of Guyana to improve electricity, water and sanitation services.

IDB Governors favorably review institutional reforms

The Committee for the Board of Governors of the IDB met this week in Washington, DC to review a series of proposed institutional reforms.

Banco Santander, SA and the Inter-American Development Bank Formalize their Partnership

Banco Santander, S.A. and the IDB signed a partnership to establish a collaboration on banking in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from the food products sector take advantage of new business opportunities

Hundreds of business leaders from the agri-food sector take advantage of business opportunities in LAC Flavors event.

IDB forges alliances with artistic and cultural institutions through its Cultural Development Grants Program

Community institutions receive support from the Inter-American Deveolpment Bank under the Cultural Development Grants Program for 2014.

Experts to debate the future of industrial policies in developing countries

The Washington launch of the new book by the IDB on a new generation of industrial policies for productive development.

IDB issues $5 million Callable Step-Up EYE Bond

The IDB announced a $5 million 5-year callable step-up green bond. This EYE Bond was lead managed by J.P. Morgan (JPM).

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