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Latin America and the Caribbean: Tax revenues continue to rise despite low economic growth

Tax revenues continue to rise in Latin America in 2015, despite slower economic growth, says Revenue Statistics in Latin America study.

Experts discuss how to incorporate gender aspects in transport planning in Guyana

Gender and transport experts discuss ways to incorporate women´s specific needs on Guyana´s transport sector.

IDB launches a multilingual education data portal to support improvements in learning

IDB launches first multilingual portal for educational indicators and statistics of the region.

IDB releases short film on disability and education

The short film, which is part of the movie “The Empty Classrooom”, will be available for free online for the first time.

IDB presents art exhibition Designing Paraguay: Emerging from the Heart of South America

The IDB will present the art exhibit Designing Paraguay: Emerging from the Heart of South America, from March 16 through May 26, 2017.

IDB and UNESCO: It is urgent to address deficiencies in school infrastructure to promote education quality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Students from lower income families and located in rural areas, do not have ensured access to education with basic infrastructure.

Region advances towards gender equality driven by participation in public sector: IDB

Gender equity advances in Latin America and the Caribbean driven by participation in the public sector.

Bolivia to improve environmental management with support from IDB

IDB loan of $140 million to help strengthen and modernize environmental management in Bolivia.

IDB becomes world’s first regional development bank to earn an EDGE certificate for gender equality

The IDB is the world’s first regional development bank to receive the EDGE Certification.

MIF announces first integration program between FINTECHS and Financial Institutions

MIF launches FINCONECTA, a program to integrate solutions between FinTechs and financial institutions.

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