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1.8 million Nicaraguans will benefit from increase in health coverage

A health increase coverage in Nicaragua will reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in priority rural areas with an IDB loan.

Entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to showcase their projects in Silicon Valley

Demand Solutions event at Stanford University during Global Entrepreneurship Summit highlights development solutions aimed at improving the.

IDB Hosts Capitol Hill Event on US-Caribbean Strategic Engagement

IDB hosted an event on “Opportunities and Challenges for the United States and the Caribbean” with key Members of the US Congress.

The IDB, PEPSICO, and the PEPSICO Foundation Enhance Partnership for Next Generation Solutions

The Inter-American Development Bank, PepsiCo, and PepsiCo Foundation renewed their partnership to spur inclusive growth in Latin America and.

Panama to improve logistics sector with IDB support

Panama will improve the competitiveness of its logistics sector and reduce regulatory and institutional restrictions with IDB loan.

IDB supports water adaptation in Jamaica’s housing sector

A loan from the Climate Investment Funds and grant from the MIF's Proadapt program will support water adaptation in Jamaican housing.

Savings boost critical to overcome fiscal difficulties, economic stagnation in Latin America and Caribbean, IDB study shows

Latin American firms, households and governments save too little. The IDB report outlines policies to change this.

Open Call for Innovative Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health Startups

Open call to select startups to participate in Demand Solutions’ Venture Night.

Conversation about child care centers in Latin America: are they effective?

Breakfast invitation to the media for the presentation of the publication: How is child care quality measured?.

Suriname improves governance and strengthens its energy sector with IDB loan

Suriname will be able to provide more reliable energy to its citizens, will improve the supply of electricity, and will reduce its reliance.