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Better governance and greater integration to determine fate of Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030

IDB and The Atlantic Council report looks at six future scenarios for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2030.

Uruguay to implement new national tourism program

IDB approves credit line for $20 million in investment projects to finance development of national tourism in Uruguay.

IDB supports economic diversification, foreign trade in Guyana

IDB loan will promote economic diversification and help implement a national strategy for Guyana’s exports and its investments promotion.

Chile to implement sustainable energy project with IDB support

Chilean plan will develop energy policy that encourages competition, energy efficiency, use of renewable sources and regional integration.

Eradicate violence against women: an urgent task in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the IDB

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the IDB reaffirms its commitment to work to eradicate this problem.

Bolivia to improve rain water drainage in La Paz and El Alto with IDB support

Bolivia will improve its rain water drainage system in La Paz and El Alto with IDB support.

Honduras to improve roads and productivity with support from IDB

Honduras will improve its two main roadways by adding lanes and upgrading some sections with a $75 million loan from the IDB.

IDB backs program to expand sewage, rainwater drainage services in Montevideo, Uruguay

IDB backs new sanitation program in Uruguay with a $60 million loan.

Bolivia to increase farm productivity with IDB loan

Bolivia will increase the productivity of agricultural and livestock sector with a $25 million loan from the IDB.

What will the future look like in Latin America and the Caribbean in 14 years?

Invitation to media for the launch the Latin America and the Caribbean 2030: Future Scenarios.