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Latin America and Caribbean register middle class growth. Child poverty and inequality problems persist

The middle class now numbers 186 million people, but high levels of inequality prevail and children have fared worst.

IDB helps thousands of SMEs from the region to do business with China

The 10th China-LAC Business Summit focused on supporting SMEs to expand trade ties and business making.

Inter-American Development Bank approves loans for Argentina, Honduras, and Uruguay

IDB approved three projects on chronic diseases, Argentina; comprehensive care to women, Honduras; and secondary education, Uruguay.

Uruguay will implement program to improve secondary education access and quality with IDB support

Uruguay to implement program that will help improve secondary education with IDB support.

IDB supports program to reduce deaths caused by non-communicable chronic diseases in Argentina

IDB supports program to reduce deaths caused by non-communicable chronic diseases in Argentina.

Honduras to launch Ciudad Mujer with IDB support

The IDB has approved two loans totaling $20 million to implement the Ciudad Mujer program in Honduras.

Habitat III: Multilateral Development Banks from around the world collaborate to support ‘New Urban Agenda’

MDB's expressing their commitment to promote equitable, sustainable, productive urbanization and urban communities during Habitat III.

IDB President, experts to talk to members of media accredited to the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador

Habitat, the main global conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, is being held for the first time in Latin America.

IDB Board of Governors Approves the Transfer of the Net Assets of the Fund for Special Operations to the Resources of the Ordinary Capital to Strengthen and Sustain Concessional Assistance

IDB Governors approve transfer of Fund for Special Operations to Ordinary Capital.

A conversation on the social situation in Latin America

Breakfast invitation for the media to launch the publication Social Pulse 2016: Realities and Perspectives.