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IDB Safeguards help promote sustainable growth, study finds

Harvard University's Zofnass Program reviews the IDB's environmental and social safeguards.

Lowering fiscal and external vulnerability the key to promoting growth in Central America and the Dominican Republic

IDB Governors from Central America and the Dominican Republic meet in Washington to discuss 2017 economic prospects.

Crime exacts steep social, public and private costs in Latin America and Caribbean: IDB study

Study: the steep price Latin America and Caribbean pays for high levels of crime.

IIC joins efforts with Mind Lab to expand access to innovative educational methodologies in Brazil

The IIC has signed a BRL$18 million loan with Mind Lab to increase access to innovative educational methodologies in Brazilian schools.

Suriname implements rehabilitation program to restore Paramaribo’s old town with IDB support

Suriname will launch an urban rehabilitation program in Paramaribo with a $20 million loan from the IDB.

IDB supports Ecuador in rebuilding electricity infrastructure damaged by earthquake

IDB will support Ecuador with a US$60 million loan to rebuild the electrical infrastructure of areas affected by April 2016 earthquake.

The Bahamas to improve airport infrastructure with IDB support

A $35 million loan from the IDB will enhance the connectivity of four airports on the Family Islands.

Inter-American Development Bank to hold Annual Meeting in Asunción, Paraguay

Representatives from 48 countries meet to discuss macroeconomic issues at IDB Annual Meeting in Paraguay.

IIC signs loan with Securepharma in Dominican Republic

The IIC has signed a US$ 4.1 million loan with The Securepharma Partnership S.R.L. in the Dominican Republic.

Telefónica, IDB and IIC promote digitalization of the economy in Latin America

Telefónica and the IDB renewed their alliance to promote digital transformation and socio-economic development programs in Latin America.

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