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Providing Credit to Latin America’s “Missing Middle”

IDB supports pioneering facility to allow banks to adopt psychometric testing to assess creditworthiness of the missing middle (SMEs).

Ready for Take-off in Costa Rica

IDB supports restructuring and expansion of Costa Rica’s biggest international airport.

Some Latin Americans see improvements in government services

Governments are finding creative ways of offering better services to citizens.

Mexico’s Salud Digna: Preventive Care at Affordable Prices

IDB loan to Salud Digna to support expansion of affordable preventive care services in Mexico.

Maximum Return on Public Investments in Suriname

IDB supports key reforms to improve management of public expenditures in Suriname, including new budget law and new procurement regulations.

How Land Titling Can Boost Access to Credit for Farmers in Ecuador

How Land Titling Can Boost Access to Credit for Farmers in Ecuador.

Water in Peru’s Desert Capital

Thousands of Lima residents benefit from better access to water under Peru’s Water for All Program.

Young people with big ideas that transform society

Youth social innovation: a tool for development. Read about four young innovators that are positively impacting their communities and IDB.

More Than Cash Transfers: Training Jamaica’s Poor for Sustainable Employment

Jamaica tests pioneering initiative to provide on-the-job training for beneficiaries of conditional cash transfer program.

How to improve math learning in public schools

Paraguay improves math learning for preschoolers in IDB-backed education project that draws on lessons from New York.

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