Mar 9, 2006

Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo at the IDB

The President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, visited IDB Headquarters to meet with the Bank’s main directors and with important members of the Washington D.C. community connected to Latin America and the Caribbean.

During his visit, the Peruvian head of state held a working meeting with IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, afterwards attending a luncheon along with members of his cabinet, US Congress people, American businesspeople with investments in Peru, and diplomats accredited to the White House and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Toledo urged the IDB to continue with the fight against poverty, especially through programs focusing on nutrition, health and education. “We can fight poverty with more pens, books, computers and teachers”, stressed the Peruvian President, whose term comes to an end on July 28 of this year. Toledo encouraged the IDB to back the country’s next government with the same intensity as it has throughout its history.

Similarly, the Peruvian President expressed his desire for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to resist the temptation to reinvent and reconstruct themselves each time a new government comes to power.

For his part, Moreno discussed the IDB’s consistent support of Peru since the early days of the institution’s founding, which approved its first loan for a potable water and sanitation project in Arequipa in 1961. Similarly, he mentioned that the first loan approved under his presidency was also for Peru in support of a Science and Technology Program.

The IDB President congratulated the Peruvian Head of State for the economic successes achieved in his country in recent years and underlined the importance of Peru having reached a Free Trade Agreement with the United Stares, which will give it access to a market of over 250 million consumers.


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