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Arizona State University and the Inter-American Development join forces to better manage natural and developed resources in Latin American and the Caribbean

IDB and ASU partner to promote decision theater technology for resource management.

IDB brings Latin American bankers to Beijing to increase their knowledge of China

IDB brings bankers from Latin America and the Caribbean to Beijing to improve their understanding of China's financial system.

Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum to Show the Way on Climate Action

The latest trends with regards to climate finance, carbon markets and policy instruments in support of sustainable development.

IDB launches virtual business community for small and medium-size Latin American companies specializing in infrastructure

IDB event on infrastructure in Latin America brings together hundreds of suppliers to showcase opportunities for SMEs.

Inter-American Development Bank highlights catalytic role of women-led SMEs

To help develop business models that build women’s wealth, the IDB hosts annual summit of the Global Banking Alliance for Women.

IDB and EARTH University - Call for proposals from innovative youth on climate change projects

A call for proposal is launched by the IDB and EARTH University on climate change projects.

Inter-American Development Bank appoints new Finance Manager and Chief Financial Officer

The IDB announces the appointment of Gustavo De Rosa as Finance Manager and Chief Financial Officer, effective November 1, 2014.

High level meetings on Climate Investment Funds begins today

Over 500 participants researchers will convene for a two-day international Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Partnership Forum in Jamaica.

MDBs continue their efforts to harmonize policies and procedures

MDBs continue their efforts to harmonize policies and procedures.

Belizean book “My Body is Precious” gets international recognition

Belizean book "My Body is Precious” receives an Honorable Mention in the category “Best Publication” in the ALAS-IDB Early Childhood Awards.

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