MICI showcases its conflict resolution capacity

(Bogota, Colombia, October 17-19) For the second consecutive year MICI was invited to participate in the Regional Forum of Constructive Dialogue in Latin America, a multidisciplinary space founded in 2008. The forum summons several prestigious institutions of the Region, such as FundaciónFuturo Latinoamericano (FFLA), Programa de Negociación, Mediación y Diálogo del Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas A.C. (Pro Diálogo CIDE), Centro de Estudios en Cooperación Internacional y Gestión Pública (CECIG), Centro de Colaboración Cívica (CCC México), Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencia Sociales (FLACSO México), Access Facility, and Mediators Beyond Borders among others.

With the aim to disseminate MICI´s work, and particularly the use of structured dialogue as a tool, to explore solutions to potential harms caused by projects funded by any of the institutions of the IDB Group, Gastón Aín, Consultation Phase Coordinator participated in the Forum with a keynote presentation on the role that Accountability Mechanisms play in the promotion of dialogue and the strengthening of the so called “Infrastructures for Peace” as a way to address environmental and social conflicts.

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Case “Rural Land, Titling and Registration Project in Peru – Third Phase (PE-L1026) - ( MICI-BID-PE-2015-0094 )

The Consultation Phase process facilitated by MICI in relation to the conflict that arose between indigenous communities and the Ministry of Agriculture, within an IDB-funded project for land titling in the Peruvian Amazon Region, serves as an example of MICI´s capacity as mediator.

As part of the process, last August, the Parties signed an agreement that addressed the concerns raised by the communities allowing the project to continue its implementation. At present the case has entered its Monitoring Stage.



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