MICI participation in the panel Strengthening the Role of IAMs in Latin American Megaprojects.


On April 20, the MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, participated in the panel “Strengthening the role of IAMs in Latin American Megaprojects”, during which MICI’s work in the management of the complaint submitted by the Peruvian organization AIDESEP, in representation of indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon, and related to the IDB-funded project “Rural Land Titling and Registration in Peru – Third Phase”, was presented.

The panel was organized by the organization Ambiente y Sociedad (AAS), of Colombia and the Center for International Environmental Law(CIEL), of the United States, within the framework of the Spring Meetings of the World Bank in Washington. The session attracted a large number of attendees. Juan Carballo, of the Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Politics (FUNDEPS, Argentina), was the moderator of the panel, which included, in addition to the MICI Director; Maree Newson, CAO Accountability Specialist; Carmen Elisa Balaguer Reyes, representing the Comité para la Defensa del Agua y del Páramo de Santurban (Colombia), and Jamner Manihuari, President of AIDESEP (Peru).

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