MICI incorporates new consultants to its team

MICI adds four new consultants to its team during the first semester of the year.

MICI participation in the panel Strengthening the Role of IAMs in Latin American Megaprojects.

On April 20, the MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, participated in the panel “Strengthening the role of IAMs in Latin American Megaprojects”, during which MICI’s work in the management of the complaint submitted by the Peruvian organization AIDESEP, in representation of indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon

MICI hosted a meeting with Civil Society Organizations

As is tradition, the MICI team met with 18 civil society representatives on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in order to update them on MICI’s activities and share perspectives relating to the topic of accountability and sustainability.

MICI participation in the IAIA International Conference 2017

The Director of MICI joins the leading global network on impact assessment annual initiative and co-chairs two panel discussions around topics related to IAMs and their role in addressing climate change.

Formation of the External Consultative Group (GCE)

After an extensive six-month consultation process, MICI has concluded the process of selecting the members of its External Consultative Group (GCE). Eight professionals where selected based on their proven long term expertise working with accountability issues in Latin America.

MICI Attends Land Titling Workshop

John Garrison of MICI participated in the workshop “Securing Tenure Rights to Protect Forests and Combat Climate Change: Exploring the Role of Development Finance” held on October 11 in Washington DC. The event was organized by several CSOs who work with land titling and environmental protection issues worldwide.

MICI Meets with CSOs to Provide Updates and Exchange Views

MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, and staff held a lunch meeting with over 12 CSO representatives from Latin America and the US on October 5, 2016 to discuss MICI’s recent activities and exchange information. The agenda included a discussion of several recent MICI cases as well as updates on the recent annual meeting of Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network (IAMnet), drafting of MICI’s reprisals policies, and establishment of the External Consultative Group (GCE).

Calling on Nominations for Members of MICI’s External Consultative Group

MICI is calling for nominations for those interested in serving as a member of the External Consultative Group (GCE) to be launched in January 2017. Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and one-page Statement of Interest by 30 November 201618 to John Garrison of MICI via email: jgarrison@iadb.org. For more information on the role of GCE members and selection criteria click on the title above.

MICI Participated in the IAMs Network Meeting in the Philippines

MICI Director, Victoria Marquez-Mees, participated in the 13th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) in Manila, Philippines on September 5 – 7, 2016. Victoria spoke about MICI’s experience and general accountability trends, and formalized the agreement for MICI to serve as the IAMs Network’s informal Secretariat for the coming two years.

MICI Met with CSOs Representatives to Consult on External Consultative Group Proposal

MICI Director and staff held a meeting on August 10 with representatives from leading Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Latin America and the United States to consult them on the proposed External Consultative Group (GCE). The purpose of the GCE will be to provide MICI with expert advice for improving its performance and keeping abreast of accountability trends.

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