MICI Meets with CSOs to Provide Updates and Exchange Views

MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, and staff held a lunch meeting with over 12 CSO representatives from Latin America and the US on October 5, 2016 to discuss MICI’s recent activities and exchange information. The agenda included a discussion of several recent MICI cases as well as updates on the recent annual meeting of Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network (IAMnet), drafting of MICI’s reprisals policies, and establishment of the External Consultative Group (GCE).

Calling on Nominations for Members of MICI’s External Consultative Group

MICI is calling for nominations for those interested in serving as a member of the External Consultative Group (GCE) to be launched in January 2017. Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and one-page Statement of Interest by 30 November 201618 to John Garrison of MICI via email: jgarrison@iadb.org. For more information on the role of GCE members and selection criteria click on the title above.

MICI Participated in the IAMs Network Meeting in the Philippines

MICI Director, Victoria Marquez-Mees, participated in the 13th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) in Manila, Philippines on September 5 – 7, 2016. Victoria spoke about MICI’s experience and general accountability trends, and formalized the agreement for MICI to serve as the IAMs Network’s informal Secretariat for the coming two years.

MICI Met with CSOs Representatives to Consult on External Consultative Group Proposal

MICI Director and staff held a meeting on August 10 with representatives from leading Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from Latin America and the United States to consult them on the proposed External Consultative Group (GCE). The purpose of the GCE will be to provide MICI with expert advice for improving its performance and keeping abreast of accountability trends.

MICI Meets with CSOs to Discuss Ways to Reduce Risks of Retaliation

MICI staff met with representatives from three leading human rights organizations on June 29th 2016, to discuss ways to reduce the risk of retaliation sometimes experienced by communities and individuals who submit complaints to MICI. Issues discussed included the need to understand local contexts, assess risks, and provide confidentiality.

MICI Dissemination Activities for IDB Group Staff

MICI carries out dissemination activities and participates regularly in orientation sessions for IDB Group staff in Washington DC and in country offices. The objective of these sessions is to familiarize staff with the Mechanism, its procedures, and the important accountability role it plays within the Group.

MICI Co-Hosts Workshop for CSOs in Mexico

MICI joined forces with several Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to co-host an outreach workshop for over 80 CSOs in Mexico City on June 8, 2016.

MICI Invites Input on External Consultative Group

MICI has begun a participatory process to consult on a proposal to establish an external consultative group. The objective of the External Consultative Group (GCE – acronym in Spanish) would be to support MICI’s commitment for delivering its accountability mandate in a credible, effective, and transparent fashion.

American University Law Students Visit MICI

MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, and staff, received on June 13, 25 law students from Latin America enrolled in the summer session of the Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of the American University’s Washington College of Law.

OEA Adopts American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

After 17 years of discussions, on June 15th, the General Assembly of the Organization of American States in Santo Domingo, adopted the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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