MICI-BID-HA-2017-0114 – Productive Infrastructure Program (Haiti) – The MICI team conducts a mission to Haiti as part of the Consultation Phase.

During May 8 to 24, 2017, the MICI team conducted two missions to Haiti: one to Port Au Prince and the other to the Caracol area as part of the evaluation process of the Consultation Phase for case MICI-BID-HA-2017-0114 regarding the IDB’s financing of the Caracol Industrial Park (CIP) under the “Productive Infrastructure Program”, (HA-L1055, HA-L1076 and others).

The MICI team met with the Project Leader, the IDB representative in Haiti and the Director of the Unité Technique d’Execution (UTE), as well as national authorities of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, which participated in the design and implementation of the CIP. The MICI team also met with the Requesters, their representatives and other residents of the Caracol-Chabert community.

The objective of the two missions was to understand the perspectives of the involved Parties, to determine weather a MICI-facilitated mediation process is feasible, and to take advantage of the opportunity to answer questions about the MICI process and its possibilities.

The delegation members underscored the collaboration and support of the involved Parties during this stage in the Evaluation.

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