MICI-BID-BR-2017-0123 and MICI-BID-EC-2017-0124 –Two new complaints received.

In July, MICI received a two new complaints linked to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) projects in Ecuador and Brazil:

Request MICI-BID-BR-2017-0123, received on July 25, is linked to the "Várzeas del Tiete Program" (BR-L1216). Per the MICI policy, MICI granted a 10 business-day extension for the Requesters to provide the additional information required for processing.


Request MICI-BID-EC-2017-0124, received on July 26, is linked to the "Protection and Recovery of Cultural Heritage Assets Program" (EC-L1097). MICI did not register this complaint because exclusion 19(b) of the MICI Policy on Requests that are without substance applied.


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