MICI-BID-BR-2017-0123 and MICI-BID-EC-2017-0124 –Two new complaints received.

In July, MICI received two new complaints linked to Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) projects in Ecuador and Brazil:

Request MICI-BID-BR-2017-0123, received on July 25, is linked to the Várzeas del Tiete Program. Per the MICI policy, MICI granted a 10 business-day extension for the Requesters to provide the additional information required for processing.

Request MICI-BID-EC-2017-0124, received on July 26, is linked to the Protection and Recovery of Cultural Heritage Assets Program. MICI did not register this complaint because exclusion 19 (b) of the MICI Policy on Requests that are without substance applied.

For more information, access the Public Registry of the MICI-IDB.


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