Open Call for Applications – Consultation Phase Coordinator 

The Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) is conducting a selection process for the position of Consultation Phase Coordinator. The MICI Policy establishes the role and scope for this position; different sections in the MICI website provides further information about the Consultation Phase and the type of cases managed. The Terms of Reference can be downloaded here.

Interested persons should apply through the jobs section of the IDB website. The deadline to submit applications is March 6, 2017, at 11:59 pm.

Case Updates

MICI-BID-BR-2016-0106- Tietê Várzea Program (Brazil) - Eligibility Memorandum Published

On January 27, 2017, MICI concluded that the complaint was not eligible due to not having met one of the criteria of the MICI Policy, in particular paragraph 22 (a); filed by two or more persons. For more information, see the case registry file.

MICI-BID-CH-2017-0115 Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Power Project (Chile) – New Complaint Received

On January 23, 2017, a complaint was presented by the organization Coordinadora Ciudadana No Alto Maipo and the organization Ecosistemas, who are representing residents of Alto Maipo and the Metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile, affected by possible environmental and social harms, such as shortages of drinking and irrigation water, acceleration of the desertification process, health issues, and resettlement. The additional information required for processing the complaint was received within the period granted of 10 working days, and the registration and notification to the Parties was carried out on February 15. Currently, a response from Management is awaited. For more information, access the case registry file.

MICI-BO-2014-079 – La Paz Storm Drainage Program (Bolivia) – Panel Conformation and Start of Investigation

On February 1st, 2017, the independent specialists Ione Novoa (Brazil) and Helen Russell (UK) were hired to conduct the investigation of the case led by the MICI Compliance Review Phase Coordinator.

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Other news

MICI Attends Land Titling Workshop

John Garrison of MICI participated in the workshop “Securing Tenure Rights to Protect Forests and Combat Climate Change: Exploring the Role of Development Finance” held on October 11 in Washington DC. The event was organized by several CSOs who work with land titling and environmental protection issues worldwide.

MICI Meets with CSOs to Provide Updates and Exchange Views

MICI Director, Victoria Márquez-Mees, and staff held a lunch meeting with over 12 CSO representatives from Latin America and the US on October 5, 2016 to discuss MICI’s recent activities and exchange information. The agenda included a discussion of several recent MICI cases as well as updates on the recent annual meeting of Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network (IAMnet), drafting of MICI’s reprisals policies, and establishment of the External Consultative Group (GCE).

Calling on Nominations for Members of MICI’s External Consultative Group

MICI is calling for nominations for those interested in serving as a member of the External Consultative Group (GCE) to be launched in January 2017. Interested candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and one-page Statement of Interest by 30 November 201618 to John Garrison of MICI via email: For more information on the role of GCE members and selection criteria click on the title above.

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