Case Updates

Experts for the BR-MICI-006-2011 Case visit IDB headquarters.

Philippe Hanna and Guillermo Tejeiro, consultants selected from the Roster of Experts who are participating in the investigation of the “São José dos Campos Urban Structuring Program”, visited IDB headquarters on June 21 and 22.

Press release. Case MICI-PR-2016-0101.

A team from MICI will visit Asuncion as part of the process of determining the admissibility of the complaint submitted by a group of shop owners related to the IDB’s financing of a Project for the Modernization of the Metropolitan Public Transport.

The investigation phase of the case BR-MICI-006-2011 "Urban Restructuring Program of São José dos Campos" has begun.

The MICI investigation phase has begun with the contracting of two members of MICI Roster of experts, Philippe Hanna and Guillermo Tejeiro, who will be part of the team lead by Arantxa Villanueva, President of the Investigation Panel.

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Other news

MICI Meets with CSOs to Discuss Ways to Reduce Risks of Retaliation

MICI staff met with representatives from three leading human rights organizations on June 29th 2016, to discuss ways to reduce the risk of retaliation sometimes experienced by communities and individuals who submit complaints to MICI. Issues discussed included the need to understand local contexts, assess risks, and provide confidentiality.

MICI Dissemination Activities for IDB Group Staff

MICI carries out dissemination activities and participates regularly in orientation sessions for IDB Group staff in Washington DC and in country offices. The objective of these sessions is to familiarize staff with the Mechanism, its procedures, and the important accountability role it plays within the Group.

MICI Co-Hosts Workshop for CSOs in Mexico

MICI joined forces with several Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to co-host an outreach workshop for over 80 CSOs in Mexico City on June 8, 2016.

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