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Colombia. El Dorado International Airport

On November 21st, 2014, the Panel Chairperson declared the Request CO - MICI002-2011 eligible for the Compliance Review Phase, after analyzing both the original Request and the additional information sent subsequently. Now the Panel is going to begin the process of preparing a Recommendation for a Compliance Review and the Terms of Reference in order to submit them once they are ready to the Board of Executive Directors for their consideration.

Brazil - Serra do Mar and Atlantic Forest Mosaics System Socioenvironmental Recovery Program

The current Panel of the Compliance Review conducted an exhaustive evaluation of the Request BR-MICI001-2010 and its management in the previous period as well as the project status to date. As a result of the issues analyzed, including the withdrawal of the Requester from the MICI process and the presence of open legal cases, the Panel decided to recommend to the Board of Executive Directors not to conduct a Compliance Review at this time and to close the process. On November 7, 2014, the IDB Board of Executive Directors approved this recommendation by Short-Procedure with no objection; thus, management of case BR- MICI001-2010 is considered to have concluded on the part of the MICI.

Argentina. AUSA Road Safety and Urban Mobility Program

On November 7, 2014, the Request MICI-AR-2014-081 was transferred to the Compliance Review Phase for eligibility determination as requested by the Requester. The deadline to issue the memorandum of eligibility is December 2, 2014.

Panama. Panama Canal Expansion Program

On October 31, 2014, the Panel Chairperson of the Compliance Review Phase notified about necessity to extend the deadline to issue the Compliance Review Report for Request PN-MICI002-2010, estimating that issuance of the document will take place during the second week of March, 2015.

Argentina. AUSA Road Safety and Urban Mobility Program

On October 15, 2014, the Request MICI-AR-2014-081 was declared ineligible for the Consultation Phase by the Eligibility Committee.

11th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms

On September 18 and 19 2014, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development hosted in its Headquarters in London the 11th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms.

Lear more about the Public Consultation

The period for sending comments about the Revised Policy Proposal of the MICI concluded on September 15th. Learn more about the process and the next steps.

Access to documents related to requests

In recent days we have identified problems in the electronic system that supports the publication and access to documents and reports. Since all documents contained in this web site are public, we ask users to contact us if encountering difficulties to access any of the documents. We will be glad to provide the information requested. Thank you for your understanding.


The comment period for the Proposed Revised Policy concluded on September 15, 2014, marking the end of the public consultation process. We will keep you informed about the progress of the process and the eventual approval of the revised Policy.

Bolivia. La Paz Storm Drainage Program II

On September 8, 2014 the Request MICI-BO-2014-079 was declared eligible for the Compliance Review Phase.

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