Conflict Resolution Specialist Visits Washington

(WASHINGTON D.C. October 26, 2017) What’s in a conflict? How costly can it become? What is the value of dialogue as a tool to prevent and solve crisis? These and other matters were discussed by guest speaker Giselle Huamani, international specialist in conflict resolution in a conversation with officials from MICI, CAO and the Inspection Panel.

Ms. Huamaní, of Peruvian nationality, is an expert in Conflict Management and Facilitation with over 15 years of experience. She has lived and worked in Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and the United States and has been involved in program development in Eastern Europe, South Asia and Ireland. She is currently Social Conflict Prevention Advisor for the Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office.

During the session, Ms. Huamaní presented the toolkit being used by the Office of the Ombudsman to map, manage and monitor active conflicts in Peru. In addition, she commented on the particular perspective that the Peruvian population has in regards to conflict management, a topic which has been captured in the book “ El Valor del Diálogo ”, a research project undertaken by the team at the Adjunct Office for Prevention of Social Conflicts and Governance.

The MICI actively promotes knowledge exchange sessions with diverse public and private institutions, as well as with civil society organizations, to remain sensitive to the realities of the LAC Region and thus enabling a more effective execution of its mandate.




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