Productive Infrastructure Program - Request II

Country: Haiti

Reception date: January 12, 2017

Current Status:  Open


Hundreds of families who form the collective “Kolektif Peyizan Viktim Tè Chabè”, as residents of the Caracol-Chabert zone in Northeastern Haiti. The Requesters are being represented before MICI by the Accountability Counsel and Action Aid Haiti organizations.

Summary of the Request

The Request alleges the loss of the forms of subsistence of the requesting families, as a result of having been displaced from their lands in January of 2011 for the development of the Caracol Industrial Park (the Project) in the area located within close proximity to the Caracol Bay, which assists in the exportation objectives of the Park.

The Requesters, principally dedicated toward agricultural activities for their food security and economic sustenance, were land owners in the area selected for the Project. The Requesters allege that their displacement from the land had been carried out with minimal days’ notice, without consultation with the communities, and without information having been provided in this regard.

In addition, the Requesters signal that the compensation offered would have been received several years later, and that it would have been inadequate to ensure the quality of life of the requesting families. This, in turn, would have led to poorer living conditions, in comparison to the conditions existent prior to the displacement, due to the resulting situation that would not allow the Requesters to cover their cost of living. Furthermore, the Request alleges that some families have not, to date, received compensation, after six years of the displacement having taken place.

The Request also raises the issue of harm to the requesting families due to the lack of information regarding the environmental impacts on the Caracol Bay zone and the Troud-du North River, as a result of the construction and operation of the Park; such is also the case with respect to the social impacts experienced by the surrounding communities due to the introduction of the Project. Finally, the Request also presents information about the possible violations of labor codes in relation to the personnel that currently works in the Park.

The Project is financed through 5 loan operations and also has a series of technical cooperations.

Recent actions

On June 27, MICI published the Assessment Report for the Consultation Phase, which determines that the parties agree to seek a resolution using consultation methods.

The Report is available in the chronology section below.

Past actions

On January 23, 2017, the Request was registered. Requesters and Management were notified.

On March 23rd MICI determined that the complaint was eligible, as it met the criteria established by the Mechanism’s Policy, with the exception of three operations related to the Project, to which some exclusions outlined in the Policy apply. For two of the three operations mentioned, the exclusion detailed in paragraph 19 (f) applies, which states that neither the Consultation Phase or the Compliance Review Phase shall be applicable to Requests submitted more than 24 months after the last disbursement corresponding to the operation financed by the Bank; for the third operation remaining, the exclusion detailed in paragraph 19 (e) applies, related to operations that have not yet been approved by the Board of Executive Directors.

This determination is not an evaluation of the merits of the Request, nor of the topics presented. Likewise, the determination is not an evaluation of the compliance or non-compliance of the Bank in relation to its relevant Operational Policies.

The Request was transferred to the Consultation Phase, in accordance with the wishes of the Requesters, and the assessment stage was initiated in order to determine whether or not carrying out the process of this Phase would be feasible.

Project Number:


Other related projects:

HA-L1055, HA-L1081,

Environmental Category:


Project Name:

Productive Infrastructure Program



Project Type:

Loan Operation

IDB Financing:

USD 50,000,000

Consultation Process
Recommendation for a CR and ToRs
CR Report


Consultation Phase (CP)

Compliance Review Phase (CRP)

Chronology and documents

Steps and milestones Date Remarks Documents

Request Receipt

January 12,2017

Requests of a confidential nature are not published.

Notice of Registration

January 23,2017

5 business days from the date of receipt of the Request or 15 business days when further information is required from the Requesters.


Management Response

February 22,2017

21 business days from the date of notice of registration. The response will be published as an annex to the Eligibility Memorandum.

Eligibility due date

March 23,2017

21 business days from the date of receipt of Management Response or 45 business days after the Suspension is granted.

Eligibility MemorandumPublic Disclosure

April 21,2017

As per the Access to Information Policy (OP-102) the disclosure of this document is done simultaneous to its distribution to the Board of Executive Directors.


Deadline for Assessment

June 14,2017

40 business days from the date of issuance of the eligibility memorandum.

Assessment Report Public Disclosure

June 27,2017

As per the Access to Information Policy (OP-102) the disclosure of this document is done simultaneous to its distribution to the Board of Executive Directors.

Consultation Phase Process

Consultation Phase Process deadline

June 14,2018

12 calendar months from the date of issuance of the Assessment Report.


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