Tietê Várzeas Program - Request V

Country: Brazil

Reception date: July 25, 2017

Current Status:  Closed


A group of residents from the city of Guarulhos, Brazil. The Requesters are represented before MICI by the Public Defender’s Office of the State of São Paulo.

Summary of the Request

The Request raises potential harms related to the resettlement component that is part of the "Tietê Várzeas Program" Program (BR-L1216). Specifically, it alleges damages to the property and living conditions of the resettled families, as well as impact on the area’s social fabric. In addition, the Request points out a lack of public consultations regarding the housing for those affected by the resettlement.

In addition, they requested MICI to provide loan information concerning the Program and details about the credit given to the Government of São Paulo by the IDB.

Recent actions

On August 14, MICI closed the Request because the Requesters decided to finalize the process in order to resolve their concerns directly with the corresponding instances within the Inter-American Development Bank.

Past actions

On July 31, 2017, MICI granted the Requesters a period of 10 business days to send the information required to continue the Request process (paragraph 20 of the MICI policy).

Project Number:


Environmental Category:


Project Name:

Tietê Várzea Program



Project Type:

Loan Operation

IDB Financing:

USD 115,700,000

Not registered
Consultation Process
Recommendation for a CR and ToRs
CR Report


Consultation Phase (CP)

Compliance Review Phase (CRP)

Chronology and documents

Steps and milestones Date Remarks Documents

Request Receipt

July 25,2017

Requests of a confidential nature are not published.

Notice of Registration

August 14,2017

5 business days from the date of receipt of the Request or 15 business days when further information is required from the Requesters.

Closing date of MICI process

August 14,2017


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