CO-MICI002-2011 – El Dorado International Airport” (Colombia) – Compliance Review Report and IDB Board of Directors’ Decision is now available.

In May of 2017, the IDB Board of Executive Directors met in a session of the General Commission to consider the Compliance Review Report, presented by MICI, for “El Dorado International Airport” (CO-MICI002-2011).

The Board expressed its support of the Report’s findings, which revealed non-compliance with two Operational Policies: Environment and Safeguards Compliance (OP-703) and Access to Information (OP-102). The non-compliance found included omissions by the Bank with regard to the obligation of disclosing environmental and social information of the Project, as well as the miscategorization of the operation resulting from classifying the environmental and social impact caused by the incremental noise as small-ranging and short-term, and determining that the Project already included sufficiently-effective measures in place.


Upon endorsing the findings, the Board decided to adopt seven of the eight recommendations made by MICI and instructed Bank Management to prepare an Action Plan to implement these recommendations, which shall be submitted to the Board of Executive Directors for approval. Once the Action Plan is presented and approved by the Board, MICI will make the Plan available to the public via its Public Registry.

The Compliance Review Report for the “El Dorado International Airport” is a public document and may be accessed through the Public Registry.


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