Case Updates


Brazil. Blumenau Urban Sustainable Mobility Program

The Request MICI-BR-2013-068 was declared ineligible for the Consultation Phase and transferred to the Panel Chair Person as indicated by the Requesters on March 24 for determination of eligibility for the Compliance Review Phase. The expected date for issuance of said determination is April 23, 2014. The Requester asked for confidentiality.

Suriname. Support for the Sustainable Development of the Interior.

The Request MICI-SU-2013-069 related to this project was declared ineligible by the Elibigility Committe on December 26, 2013.

Argentina. Sustainable Environmental Urban Management Program for the Reconquista River Basin-Province of Buenos Aires

The Request MICI-AR-2013-070 related to this project was declared ineligible by the Eligibility Committee

Mexico. Mareña Renovables Wind Project

The Recommendation for a Compliance Review and associated Terms of Reference (TOR) for the case MICI-ME002-2012 are under preparation.

Mexico. Mareña Renovables Wind Project

After analyzing the Request the Panel Chairperson determined that there are sufficient basis to declare it eligible.

Panama. Pando-Monte Lirio Hydroelectric Power Project

The Panel finalized its investigation and presented a Report to the IDB Board of Executive Directors. The Board instructed Management to inform them periodically about the progress of the implementation of the action plan for the case PN-MICI001-2010.

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