Case Updates


Argentina. Sustainable Environmental Urban Management Program for the Reconquista River Basin-Province of Buenos Aires

The Request MICI-AR-2013-070 related to this project was declared ineligible by the Eligibility Committee

Mexico. Mareña Renovables Wind Project

The Recommendation for a Compliance Review and associated Terms of Reference (TOR) for the case MICI-ME002-2012 are under preparation.

Mexico. Mareña Renovables Wind Project

After analyzing the Request the Panel Chairperson determined that there are sufficient basis to declare it eligible.

Panama. Pando-Monte Lirio Hydroelectric Power Project

The Panel finalized its investigation and presented a Report to the IDB Board of Executive Directors. The Board instructed Management to inform them periodically about the progress of the implementation of the action plan for the case PN-MICI001-2010.

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